NumeroUno: Showing SMEs the Right Path in Cash-to-Cash Cycle

K.Subramanian,FounderEight long years on, from the 'Great Recession' of 2008, the cash-to-cash cycle remains a deep challenge for the Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) all over the world. The financial regulations combined with the effect of MNCs squeezing supply chains, the issue continues to weigh on Indian firms as well. End of the day, the ever growing small scale business sector of our country would require Financial & Regulatory assistance coupled with active Business Consultancy from experts, on an on-going basis to keep them on a growth track. Foreseeing these predicaments way back in 2010, K. Subramanian, a dynamic and result oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in almost all aspects of Banking, decided to give up his assignment as Head - Transaction Banking (SME)with Barclays Bank, and formalize NumeroUno - a universal knowledge & support platform for Banking & International Trade.

Guidance, Training & Finance
Today NumeroUno, consisting of a team of professionals with more than 10 decades of collective experience in the field of Banking, specifically in the area of
International Trade, is acknowledged as an effective partner in business and financial growth for SMEs. It assists organizations comprehensively in different spaces ranging from Export-Import documentation, Queries &clarifications pertaining to FEMA, Information & Technical aspects pertaining to ICC guidelines(UCP 600, URC 522, URDG 758 and such others), Support & Advisory services on International Trade such as Pre-shipment / Post-shipment finance, Buyers Credit / Suppliers Credit, External Commercial Borrowings. On the other hand, the organization also conducts personalized training sessions to SMEs/Corporates and Banks across India and overseas, which seek expertise on similar specialized topics. The customer ecosystem of NumeroUno lists some big names under its belt including FIEO, EEPC, CRISIL, The Institute of Internal Auditors and top banks including Yes Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, TJSB, Cosmos Bank, Bank of Ceylon).

In addition to the Consultancy and Training hats worn by the organization, the third hat, Financial Assistance, where NumeroUno genuinely plays the role of an incubator for SMEs. The long vintage in the Banking space and hand-in-hand work milieu with recognized banks and other financial organizations equips the company to proffer any kind of financial assistance with regards to availing Fund & Non-Fund Based limits from the Banking space, Factoring & Forfaiting limits, arranging for Buyers Credit/Suppliers Credit, providing company-specific financial
assistance by organizing Structured Finance in India & Overseas, Working Capital & Term Loans, Mortgage Loans and any other such financial assistance that an organization might require during their quest to become 'NumeroUno' (the Spanish connotation for 'Number 1'). Furthermore, the company even helps in setting-up an office at an overseas center like Singapore/Dubai with relevant Bank accounts/bank limits.

The Brand Name
"Our aficionados understand our core areas and the fact that we assist clients with the larger picture in mind - not just only advising them in times of constraints but also showing them business opportunities in several sectors by leveraging our brand name," adds Subramanian. The Brand 'NumeroUno' spreads across three business verticals - NumeroUno Training/NumeroUno Academy of Banking & International Business/NumeroUno Business Consultants. This enables the consultancy arm of the organization to leverage on the expertise and clientele of the other two verticals and collectively produce the best results.

However, apart from External training at client's premises, NumeroUno is tightening its in-house training programs at their own Academy, covering most of the topics related to Finance, Trade and Banking, to become the final word for SMEs to incubate & grow. At the current pace, the company won't take much time to reach their goal to be the NumeroUno partner for SMEs in India, in their quest for growth!!!