Maleshaa: Empowering Startups & New Businesses to Excel with Flying Colours

Sivachenduran B,Founder,CEO&Chairman

Sivachenduran B


Recent initiatives by the Indian government have brought India under spotlight, especially when it comes to ease of doing business and starting up a new venture.

Maleshaa spots future opportunities and problems before they are obvious, which lets entrepreneurs grab those opportunities before anyone else

While there is ocean of opportunities, identifying and assessing the best business fit is as vital as running it to success. This is where business consulting firms like Maleshaa Corporate Advisors Private Limited brings their creative skills to use to analyse on all angles pertaining to clients and the business they want to start.

For Maleshaa, this analysis is the first step to a successful journey. "Just because the current market and market economy is favourable, it is not wise to advice the same business to all the clients. India has a great potential which is not fully unearthed," says Sivachenduran B, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Maleshaa. Sivachenduran and
Maleshaaites (employees or colleagues like Sivachenduran preferably calls them) are engaged in exploring this hidden treasure.

The Unique Approach
Incepted in the early days of 2012, Maleshaa kick-started its journey as a proprietorship firm which later incorporated as Maleshaa Corporate Advisors Private Limited. The company currently consists of 100+ employees, 80+ consultants and 300+ clients all across the globe. The Maleshaaites hold vast experience in the field of Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Banking, Insurance, Maintenance, Quality, Production, Site Engineering, Project Management, Engineering design, R&D, Technology, Export/Import, Cinema and all other general Business areas.

Putting this expertise to use, the company has been assisting startups and new businesses in creating innovative business ideas and providing competitive advantage through unique solutions, building brands and organizations. After a meeting with the client, Maleshaa does a professional brainstorming session to derive the end-solution (business idea) that fits clients (based on a study about his educational, professional, and business/work experience). The work is then split along with team allocation specifically for the client. On completion, Maleshaa carefully plans every aspect of the business before taking on the official business launch, which varies according to the business, and focuses on eye-catching phenomena to hit the target market. Additionally, Maleshaa's
management training and office space assists new and startup companies to grow under its umbrella.Startups being its main focus, the company spots future opportunities and problems before they are obvious, which lets entrepreneurs grab those opportunities before anyone else, and prepare for their competitors response before they happen. "A startup business is the concoction of all aspects of R&D. Based on this, our clients are provided with new business idea, franchise ideas and consulting, management consulting, branding, brand creation, creative services, and many more," asserts Sivachenduran.

Growing Incredibly
Maleshaa's infrastructure is designed to handle any project from any part of the world. Being a member of the ICC, CII, Institution of Mechanical Engineers and IET provides an additional edge to its excellence. The group of professionals spread globally through an Entrepreneur network works closely together to give the best business solution possible. The proven result, industry expertise, various sectors and advanced technology puts Maleshaa at the forefront of the competition.

The a la carte offering of the company enables clients to pick the service they want. This revenue strategy acts like a step model for Maleshaa that acts as a cushion when it falls. Not believing in business forecast, Sivachenduran lays out possibilities for the future. "My vision is to go beyond the horizon. There is so much out in the universe that we should simply reach out for," he concludes.