C2C Organizational Development: Bringing Strategy & People Together

It is not the best strategy that always wins. It is the people who execute them makes a difference in the organization's success. In other words, if people are not aligned, with the strategy, then nothing will ever get executed. That's the reality. For years, industry leaders have focused on talent acquisition as one of the major concerns. Unfortunately, it is just a speck in the grand scheme of things.

Vinay Kumar, Director Client Engagement, C2C organizational Development(C2C-OD), eloquently speaks "Beyond talent acquisition, it is the talent engagement and talent development that will help businesses thrive in the long run and help in retaining existing talent. Often entrepreneurs starting a business focus on building a team, therefore, the more engagement they provide, the more effective the team becomes, and the more RoI(Return on Investment) they generate."
Vinay Kumar, Sanjay Dugar & Jawad Ahemed,Directors
Adding to this, Sanjay Dugar, Director­ Client Engagement, C2C-OD asserts,"Of course, the product and technology play a vital role. However, it is the team that executes these aspects,which is going to make a massive difference for the enterprise.”

Boosting the business to the next level, C2C-OD takes great pride in its work where it actively partners with its clients by delivering impeccable results, via enriching strategy by focusing on people.

The Journey of Transforming Businesses through People Power

Founded in June 2008, the ideation of C2C-OD began in 2007, when a group of industry professionals came together to solve the mishaps of the industry, where they believed in creating people engagement programs that unleash the true potential of the business. That was just the beginning. Since then, there has been no looking back for them. Today, the company has reached a new stance in the industry, where it leverages on its team's in depth experience in multiple enterprises and work across all layers of an organization. The team comprises of high performing OD consultants, facilitators, and content designers who believe that people are at the core of an organization's success. More than anything, the team's global presence, ethnicity, and mindset bring to the table a unified effort of people and organizations working better together.

"Collective approach has more impact than an individual approach. Hence, to bridge the gap in the industry effectively, we came together to cater to a diverse set of clients that adds value to the entire ecosystem, "mentions Vinay," also, we are happy to say that, a few of our clients are with us, even till this day. That's remarkable."

Paving a Path for Learning Culture

Driven by performance and productivity, C2C-OD offers services in the areas of organizational development solutions, learning solutions, and enabling various skill sets and tools to L&D professionals to
explore endless possibilities. That, overall, provides flexibility and adaptability to build organizational and people performance multifold.

Practical in its approach, the company promotes traditional aspects of L&D solutions to its clients. "We invest a considerable amount of time in contextualization, where we understand the business from scratch, and ensure to curate result oriented engagements that will have a lasting impact on the business(RoI)," avers Jawad Ahmed, Directors ­Client Engagement, C2C-OD, "in the past, we have walked away from many engagements who want instant solution and quick result, and that is something our clients appreciates us for, even till this day." C2C-OD adapts to the present day market requirements, before offering engagement solutions to its clients. "We are constantly evolving to newer techniques and methodologies. We have moved away from power point and workshop, to large group engagement models,which is the key differentiators, "says Vinay. The company gives topmost priority to quality, where it partners with some of the best emerging global players in the industry."Global exposure has let us curate some of the best engagements for our clients,"affirms Sanjay, "We always practice what we preach, and that has been the driving force for us, for all these years."

C2C-OD adapts to the present day market requirements, before offering engagement solutions to its clients

Following a lean team setup, the company delivers positive results to its client’s business. “Every client is critical for us, and we believe in addressing the pain points most effectively, rather than chasing the clients,”avers Vinay. Most importantly, the team consists of people who come from a business background and understands the mindset of business leaders. Therefore, it ensures to align their strategy and people to deliver impeccable results.

As Global as Possible, as Local as Necessary

Based in Bengaluru, C2C-OD has an office in Singapore and has strategic partners present in China, Japan, Europe, and the US. Currently, with a team of 20+ seasoned L&D professionals, they collaborate with more than 30+ consultants/business partners across the globe to give the best engagements for its clients.

Over the years, the company has grown modestly in terms of revenue, clients, and the workforce. In the coming years, the company is said to grow multifold and will remain ubiquitous in the space, as the industry thought leaders who deliver real results. “We are constantly learning from our clients as well as the industry. In the future, we are coming up with bigger engagements that will have a larger impact on the business ecosystem,” concludes Vinay, on an intriguing note.

How C2C-OD Delivers Results?

Organizational Development Solutions C2C-OD collaborates with OD and business heads to create solutions that have a sustainable impact on the organization’s performance. The team of OD consultants specializes in trust assessments, strategy & vision alignment, change management, cultural transformation, and assessment centers.

Enabling L&D Professionals

C2C-OD equips L&D professionals with the tools and skills to create significant value for their stakeholders and become strategic business partners. Here, the company offers a niche certification program around the learning needs analysis, workshop design, facilitation skills, and demonstrating training effectiveness.

Learning Solutions

C2C-OD works across all levels and industries to build behavioral competencies and upskill their talent pool. Being official affiliates of The Center for Accelerated Learning and The Kirkpatrick Partners, team C2C-OD assist individuals and organizations in building memorable learning experiences linked to performance.