Cassini Renewables: Delivering Unique Services and Solutions to Solar Industries

Mahesh Kempepatil ,  Managing Director

Mahesh Kempepatil

Managing Director

Energy systems around the world are going through rapid transitions that affect many aspects of our lives. The continuation and acceleration of these shifts will bring important changes to the way we fuel our cars, heat our homes, and power our industries in the coming decades. Comprised of a diverse group of solar designers and engineers, Cassini Renewables, based in Bengaluru, has consulted on 250 plus megawatts of gridtie, and battery back-up PV systems. The company is a private Limited solar PV design engineering and consulting firm. Cassini Renewables maintains professionals with over 15+ years of individual solar experience and over 50 years of combined solar experience. Cassini Renewables also provides electrical, structural and civil D & E services.

“With the experience of 15 years alone in Solar industry, I started this company. We are not an EPC company rather we are into operation and maintenance of existing plants. Secondly, we do design engineering for customers where technical support plays important role. Other than that, we do power plant performance evaluation or technical auditing to keep the health of the plant at the highest level”, said Mahesh Kempepatil, Managing Director, Cassini Renewables Pvt Ltd.
Technical Services for Renewable Energy
Technologies are approaching grid parity in many parts of the world and renewable energies now represent nearly two thirds of the new electrical capacity installed worldwide each year. Cassini Renewables offers design engineering and quality assurance services to the solar energy industry. Firstly, at the initial level, Cassini provides design for pre inquiry support, engineering contract drawing for PV systems integration and contact documentation to the companies who do not have a design team. For the next phase, the company offers post order design engineering support with PR calculations, PV simulation and unique option scenarios. Secondly, in O&M, the company does operation maintenance for the existing clients where Cassini monitors the plants continuously and make sure that it is embedding as per their commitment. Thirdly, for existing clients, the company offers technical auditing. Cassini supports clients with reports for improvements so that the generation can be improved. The company only focuses on improving Plant performance. Also, Cassini supports design engineering because lack of experienced team available in the medium & Small scale EPC Companies.

Cassini Renewables offers design engineering, power plant Evaluation& third-party quality assurance services to the solar energy industry

Moreover the flagship offering of Cassini is to approach solar plant companies through O&M to increase their generation of the existing Plant, try to optimize, rework wherever possible at lowest investment and re-vamping of the plant which inturn yields more energy generation and more revenue. Other then there is auditing. Some of the solar plants which are operating at some level, but the customer is not sure sometimes on the actual generation and performance of the plant, Cassini provides them plant auditing services where the client can know the status of their plants. The main concentration of the company is to support all types of customers to run the solar plants at the highest possible performance for the lifetime of the plant.

With such uniqueness, Cassini Renewables in the near future is trying to add some more high end equipment for testing and optimizing the solar plants. The company is also included drone technology for thermal imaging services to identify hotspots in solar plant which will help to avoid possible accidents due to fire. Cassini Renewables will be adding more equipment in the coming years so that analysis of the problems can be carried out in-depth for accurate results.