Cinque Education: Imparting Brand-New Learning Methodologies

Hungarian-born American business legend, Andrew S Grove once shared, 'The ability to recognize that the winds have shifted and to take appropriate action before you wreck your boat is crucial to the future of an enterprise'.

Cinque Education interacts, comprehends and creates perfect content, thus offering a mint experience

These genuine words are exactly the market resemblance for past 60 years. Zooming in 2000 to 2014, 52 percent of the names in the Fortune 500 list are gone. The cornerstone of this setback (lack of People Power) has only one solution to cure - frequent tech-synchronization of the workforce. But still the headache is not healed since the outdated teacher - student pedagogy is only useful to forge boredom.

Cinque Education Pvt. Ltd., a consulting destination for organizations, professional employees and career enthusiasts, fills this crater with its exclusive Andragogy learning methodology that encourage collaboration of mutuality and reciprocity between the learner and teacher. The organization is a specialist in content co-creation, and thus pouring knowledge with a precise idea about the vessel's dimensions. Discerning the fact that 'only bearer knows where the shoe pinches', this firm never approach an organization with a la carte menu of offerings. In fact it interacts,
comprehends and then creates perfect content, and thus offers a mint experience. "Our mentors are highly accomplished and experienced industry stalwarts who bring the academic backbone and industry insights to our training programs," elucidates Subrat Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Cinque.

Assistance Offered
Noida-based Cinque is a godsend to professional candidates who are vague about their career, with its assistance in employability trainings and test-preparation, while it caters the corporate arena with its workforce trainings, researches, growth & result oriented data driven consulting (to startup organizations as well as individuals), and workforce subjected IT solutions. The test-preparation is not vanilla with this entity, which has an experience of sending 600+ students into top B-Schools across the country.

On the Research front, esteemed as a partner of National HRD Network (NHRDN) for their B-School Rankings and CEO awards ever since inception, the company conducts field-based research and validated surveys for Rankings and Awards. AcademiaConnect ( is a flagship aggregator platform from Cinque which addresses twin challenges of Industry-Academia connectedness and knowledge creation specific to Indian market. "We are a reputed name in the field of Out-bound Experiential Learning and Employability workshops, wherein we cover the ambit of both behavioral and functional domains," asserts Ramanuj Mishra, Co-Founder & Director, Cinque.
Subrat Kumar,Co-Founder&CEO

Subrat Kumar


Flying Higher
As a brainchild of engineering buddies, Subrat, Ramanuj and Pradeep, Cinque Education was born in 2010. Today, the company even serves clients from public sector such as IOCL, PGCIL, IFFCO, SBA and NTPC. The broad customer ecosystem of this pan-India organization also accommodates many of the MNCs, Academic Institutes and NGOs. At one instance, Cinque pitched in and helped a leading paint company via co-creating content and delivering a training module centered on David Kolb's theory of experiential learning. The strategy worked and resulted in a 75 percent increase in their service offerings, 250 percent efficiency-increase across certain POS.

Besides adjoining new phases in its service delivery, now the company is planning a move-in to product domain. To make a grand launch of its product domain and expand in terms of geographies & various other customer segments, Cinque is looking forward to a capital influx in early FY 2017-18.