C&K Management: An L&D Prodigy Providing Customized e-Learning Services

"The ability to learn faster than your competitor may be the only sustainable competitive advantage."- Peter Senge, the author of 'The Fifth Discipline' echoes the cut-throat industrial competition on-the-go today; companies hinge on well-trained employees to stay ahead of others. This is why almost $350 billion is spent on training globally. Indian firms are nowhere below as they spend a collective capital of around $21.5 billion towards training & development. But, besides skill development, learning can be an extensive process. Employees often tend to undergo learning pro forma, without any internalization and this eventually lead to poor RoI for organizations.

Hence, companies hunt for L&D providers who can interestingly engage their employees and improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours. C&K Management is one such e-Learning firm that puts forward some customizable & interactive training models including short span videos, high-end interactive games, serious gaming, scenario plays and simulations to help employees enhance their practical knowledge & skills. The organization does end-to-end integration of training processes that span consulting to design bespoke programs, development of content, technology platforms and assessments, to deliver performance enhancement on the ground.

The In-house Engine
Through its 16 years of industry domination, the organization has proved its expertise to successfully
Ravi Ramakrishnan,Managing Director

Ravi Ramakrishnan

Managing Director

engage with more than 500,000 learners. A major wedge of the beneficiaries is from the corporate world, educational institutions, professional bodies and government forums. "For today's youth entering the job market, we deploy a methodology called 'Job Instruction Method' which US Army initiated in World War 1 and Toyota popularized it; we have patterned it for the Indian ethos," asserts Ravi Ramakrishnan, MD, C&K. For mature learners, serious gaming and contextual scenario plays in competitive format seems the way forward.

Thanks to the technological edge & legacy it brings from the past, C&K now possesses a ready-to-customize & deploy tools centered on its own learning portals, assessment engines and learning management systems. Having an edge over other similar providers by being able to also develop content, the organization understands clients training requirements before creating customized solutions for them. Believing in the re-usability of contents and reduction in wastage of investments, it also invests in
Assistance Offered
modules of content which are reused & licensed as per the need. The company also helps organizations set up their own re-usable learning objects library.Though improving every year, Internet connectivity has been a hassle in our subcontinent. The strength of signal varies from one locus to the other. e-Learning being its main focal point, the organization tackles this stumbling block via proffering two variants of its courses - the rich variant, designed for internet-rich areas, and the thin variant, for places where bandwidth is an issue. The company also builds solutions that combine offline variants of learning which synch with online platforms for updates and data transfer periodically.

A hand-in-hand working with its parent company, 25-year old TMI group, enables a flourished arena of content for C&K, which help them in designing cutting-edge training modules. You can expect assistance from this pioneer for not only the online training, but also versatile skill development practices such as Instructor Led Training (ILT), outsourcing corporate content development, internal branding and much more. Looking forward to bring out and establish 'Learning as a Service (LaaS)' as a meaningful corporate word, the 300 people strong workforce of the organization is busy with their innovations. It also plans to build a lending library of learning devices in the near future.