Crefin India Management: Sound Business Management to Enable Startup Growth

Jeevendra Poddar, MD,Shipra Singh, CEO
Jeevendra Poddar, MD
Shipra Singh, CEO

As the startup culture picks pace, more and more new businesses are seeing light of day. Unfortunately, the startup failure ratio is also growing, and almost 50 percent of all Indian startups fail within the first four years. While entrepreneurs possess the technical knowledge to take their idea forward, they often falter when it comes to management processes. Helping young businesses manage their day-to-day business processes efficiently is Crefin India Management, a Goa-based management consultancy. Founded in 2017, the young organization acts as a thought partner for its clients, while helping them improve their performance and gain increased growth. The company’s expert panel of professionals help startups and established businesses bring in best practices, build a structured approach, and ultimately overcome their business problems.

Diagnosing & Remedying Business Challenges
Crefin believes that in order to achieve exponential growth, an organization must efficiently manage its day-to-day business processes. The judicious management consulting firm helps organizations do just that. The process commences by a business health checkup, through which the
Crefin team examines the on-going challenges faced by the client. The team then collaborates with industry experts in order to collate the data to reach the depth of the challenge and provide sustainable solutions to facilitate a total organizational turnaround. Post the business health check-up, the company offers consultancy in the space of business management, project management, startup management and financial management.

"Crefin’s expert panel of professionals help startups and established businesses bring in best practices, build a structured approach and ultimately overcome their business problems"

MPO: Enabling Startup Growth
Especially focused towards aiding startups, the young organization has devised MPO & Patent under process, Management Process Outsourcing, a process through which clients outsource their management to Crefin. Through the flagship offering, Crefin enters into contract with CUC (company under consultation) and helps bring in seamless execution of the idea in order to make the company profitable & sustainable in the startup ecosystem. The process provides a dedicated management team to startups to carry out their daily business operations efficiently. “With this unique process, our main aim is to reduce the staggering failure percentage of startups,” explains Jeevendra Poddar, MD, Crefin.

Specializing in aiding startups at every step, Crefin handholds clients right through the formation of idea, SWOT analysis, name selection, logo designing, presentation for fund raising,
marketing material design, business model, revenue model and low cost advertising strategies. The experienced team at Crefin helps companies address regulatory licenses & compliance requirements, funding challenges and taxation. Crefin partners with various HR workforce providers across sectors in order to bring in the right talent on board for client organizations.

Crefin also takes into account the risks associated with startups and helps companies plan accordingly. Be it employee coverage, fire, theft & medical insurance or tricks to safeguard critical business data, the firm takes care of it all. Taking care of challenges pertaining to sustainability, leadership and management, Crefin guides startups along their challenges and absorbs the pressure giving entrepreneurs free mind space to focus on their business and ideas.

Marching Forward
The talented team at Crefin acts as a true collaborator to turn client organizations into profitable businesses. The firm is now working towards building a platform named ‘PARIBHASHA’ for startups and investors to collaborate. Paribhasha’s first event which will be focused on knowledge and relationship building is slated for January 2019.

The ambitious organization also intends to leverage the burgeoning consultancy business in India and aims to achieve 10 percent market share in the next five years. However, at the core of Crefin’s endeavours is the organization’s noble vision to enable entrepreneurs to build a sustainable venture.