D and K Wealth Advisors: Personalized & Professional Wealth Advisory

Darshit Khetani,DirectorWhen in the right hands, wealth not only stays but also grows. One such able guardian of clients' wealth is D and K Wealth Advisors, an inclusive wealth advisory and consultancy firm. Headed by Darshit Khetani, an accomplished CA and a self-professed numbers wiz, the judicious organization spearheads individuals' savings and wealth creation requirements. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, firm renders rewarding investment options such as SIPs, mutual funds, equity, PMS, bonds, corporate FDs and structured investment products among others.

"Our objective is to educate our clients and not just sell products. We suggest investment avenues and products only after gauging our clients' requirements and aspirations thoroughly," explains Darshit. The firm benefits from Drashit's deep know how of the accounting industry along with his expertise in Internal Audit, Microsoft Excel, Corporate Finance, External Audit and Accounting. The experienced Director along with his team acts as an ally to clients' wealth creation journeys. Built on the foundation of trust, integrity and ethics, the young organization is blazing
ahead in its journey to building a formidable presence in wealth advisory industry.

Simplifying Investment
Built on the team's collective years of experience, D and K's core strategy is to simplify investments for its clients. "Several financial advisors over diversify their clients' wealth portfolio and eventually lose control over it. In other cases over diversification eats up clients' profits," explains Darshit. Shying away from complications and finding the fun in fundamentals, D and K concentrates wealth in specific aspects rather than over diversifying the portfolio. Emphasis is laid on smaller baskets and making good returns rather than focusing on different asset classes. The firm relies on tried and tested products, rather than pushing newer products which might not suit the clients. Relying heavily on data, the D and K team never lets emotions drive decisions pertaining to investment. The firm is also deeply connected to various industry experts in order to manage the risks in other asset classes.

Ever Vigilant Team
Another one of the firm's forte is finding the right fund manager and the best suited fund for a client. Before bringing a fund manager on-board, the D and K team keenly observes their past track record and experience in the previous company. The company also stays in constant touch with fund houses and tracks their portfolios on a monthly basis to identify any red flags at the earliest. Additionally, the team meets clients on a quarterly basis which helps with the implementation of financial plans with higher accuracy. It also helps the team align with changes in the client's requirements if any.

Rendering primary emphasis on strict ethical practices D and K never works with companies with a dubious management. "We work with companies whose investment style is clear and we can directly speak with the management if the need arises," adds Darshit. The firm is also transparent when it comes to communicating with its clients, even in case of mistakes. Rather than sitting on mistakes, the D and K team proactively accepts it and works towards rectifying it.

With ambitious plans in place, the young firm is now working towards embracing technology to strengthen its market hold and quality of services offered. D and K is now working towards attaining 25 crores AUM within the next five years and achieve 100 crores AUM within ten years.