Designer's Circle: Bringing High Quality Interior Designs to Residential and Commercial Places

Rajesh Sheth,   Founder

Rajesh Sheth


Our homes are a reflection of our personality, our sense of aesthetics and choices. It is easy to find houses with good designs, but turning these interior decoration ideas into reality is the real challenge. This is where Designer’s Circle plays in. “Interior design has always been a challenging career choice - Translating clients’ vision and ideas into a functional and beautiful space. You might as well find your patience tested and your Professionalism undermined more frequently.

Although the road to becoming one of the top interior designers is certainly not easy, but it can also be incredibly rewarding if you are willing to put in the extra effort required to stand out from the competition,” utters Rajesh Sheth, Founder, Designer's Circle.

Established in 1987, Designer's Circle was formed with the intention of bringing high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial marketplaces. Based out of Ahmedabad, the firm is highly focused on creating spaces that enhance our clients business. Working in close collaboration with its clients, Designer’s Circle considers the long-term corporate goals of each individual client, providing flexible and functional solutions. “We do not believe that a stylish/modern interior can only be achieved by expensive furniture and fittings, instead we persuade our clients to apply more on basic essentials and less on decorative things that can be changed over time. We work together with our clients and design their interiors according to their lifestyle and budget. Our aim is to provide clients with an interior that is balanced -
beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, simple and clever, sensual and practical,” shares Rajesh.

Designer’s Circle believes in adding a distinctive charm to the space along with a sense of comfort which well defines contemporary living

Designer's Circle has a large portfolio of completed projects ranging from single room renovations, through whole dwelling refurbishments up to international commercial projects. It extends from corporate offices to restaurants, retail interiors, hospitals to showrooms, banks to building refurbishments and corporate residential interiors. Designer’s circle delivers creative solutions that fulfill your need of architect and interior designs. “We are problem solvers who know how to evaluate the quality of materials, products and furnishings required. We are committed to our clients and to the profession of interior design. Before we seek any project, we get to know our clients - to find out the way they live, think, feel and use their homes or working spaces. Only then do we start designing for their spatial needs. Our focus is to create spaces that enhance our clients’ living atmosphere,” says Rajesh Sheth.

Catering to both residential as well as commercial clients, today Designer’s Circle’s has excelled in Initial Consultation, Detailed Measuring, Regular site visits and discussions with clients, Multiple Design Proposals, Full sets of illustrated CAD drawings (spatial, furnishing, lighting, atmospheric etc), 3D views, montages of materiality, texture and mood (if required) and Researching and sourcing furnishings, materials, appliances, accessories and finishes. Designer’s Circle believes in adding a distinctive charm to the space along with a sense of comfort which well defines contemporary living. Their designs concentrate on providing the client with a space that is flexible, practical and best fits the clients’ budgets.
The team at Designer’s Circle provides its customers with an interior that is balanced and beautiful at the same time.

ver the period of time, Designer’s Circle has gone through a positive change and a progressive development. Since its inception, the firm has matured along with changing atmosphere of Designing World. With rapidly increasing clients and their trust in Designer’s Circle’s work, the firm has achieved its most important milestones. The caliber and expertise of the team is very well reflected through its clientele which includes KJWW Engineering Consultants, Dhara Management and Constructions – Dhara Group, Chhajed Food, The Kiran Group, Strands Textile Mills and many more.

“We work together with our clients and design their interiors according to their lifestyle and budget. If you always provide an excellent standard of customer service you will have nothing to hide. If you perform to the best of your abilities, you’ll be as likely to get good recommendations as poor ones. Don’t argue with those that are disappointed with your service, but do contact them to apologize or enquire further about what you can do to help. That’s the basic rule to move ahead strengthening your strengths and improvising your weakness,” shares Rajesh.

Being a sorted Designer, always fulfilling the clients expectations to the mark, Rajesh Sheth believes in a simple notion - “Whenever I design a space, I always look into the smallest detail, from the beginning till it’s fully furnished. The accessories that you put must complement the design.” Moving ahead with this notion, today Designer’s Circle has set a unique spot for itself in the market. The firm considers the increased competition as a challenge and does all it can to stand out from the pack. Rajesh considers that ‘Never Stop Learning’ should be everyone’s life objective. He believes that the next generations of interior designers are going to be highly skilled and you need to make sure that you’re educated to a high standard in order to stay ahead of the game and advance your career.