Dhavalas: An Agriculture Consulting Consortium Providing End-to-End Farming Solutions

Vijay Dhavala,Founder, MD & Group CEO
Vijay Dhavala
Founder, MD & Group CEO

A farmer, Shiv Kumar Kumethi, from Durg, Chhattisgarh had 12 acres of farm land where he grew only one paddy crop and in spite of all the government help, he could make only Rs.3 lakh annually. It is when Shiv came across the professional support of Dhavalas, providing end-to-end farming solutions, did he start cultivating eight crops round the years and increased his income to Rs.12 lakh annually. As an agriculture consortium, Dhavalas offers A-Z consulting solutions from agric-science, financing, agro-engineering, skill development, legal matters to farm materials supply, equipments, seeds, consumables and more at discounted prices & also execution of farm infra development works.

Additionally, Dhavalas provides support for buyback of agri products at reasonable price and extends their services to adequate food processing and warehousing facilities. These services are executed through its long list of 100+ local district business associates and 800+ based channel partners. “For optimum farming results, a farmer should get support from experts of
respective fields. We intend to serve farmers for each and every need, from soil testing to harvesting and marketing, to increase their agri productivity & income,” speaks Vijay Dhavala, Founder, Managing Director & Group CEO, Dhavalas.

"Dhavalas provides support for buyback of agri products at reasonable price and extends their services to adequate food processing and warehousing facilities also"

Minimizing the Risk of Traditional Farming
Stressing upon the need of the hour, the company focuses on offering full support to illiterate & ignorant farmers with its sensible advice on all farming and allied aspects round the year through experts for smooth execution. Dhavalas puts its energy to let farmers concentrate on farming activity while taking responsibility of all their challenges and solve it via their field channels partners. “We are creating inclusive growth opportunities and enabling huge employment opportunities for the local non-agri sector population with this endeavor. This is becoming a wide success and strong support for the deprived farmer community,” asserts Vijay. For such great endeavors, the company achieved first position among 800+ startups in a recent startup funding campaign organized by ‘The Economic Times-Catapooolt’ across India.

Synchronizing with the advancing technology, the company uses GPS technology for designing farm layout with the help with
software/app, aiding to get farm’s real image with various geographical details. This helps to get inputs for overall planning of agri-crops and farm infra development. By implementing integrated agro farming system (for round the year farming of multiple crops & to minimize the risk of traditional farming), it increases their income fourfold.

Dhavalas also focuses on training employees to keep them updated on the advancements in the industry through two centralized verticals, i.e., traditional and development wing (for grooming of executives on technical, managerial & execution aspects) and knowledge management wing (for regular updates of execution on latest technical developments, R&D and other knowledge resources).

For the Happy Future of Farmers
Promoting an ambitious agribusiness across India, the company has successfully provided its versatile services to hundreds of farmers across 20 districts in Chhattisgarh in last seven years. Generated revenue of Rs.8 crore, the company has recently launched agribusiness operations in 14 other states at 70 districts with Rs.100 crore business in hand. Currently, the company is focusing on two crore progressive farmers and targeting one lakh customers in next three years. Dhavalas envisions its reach in 250 districts across 14 states, create over six lakh job opportunities and become a unicorn startup in the next two years.