Digital Saline: Tailored Business Providers in Health Care and Technology

Healthcare companies in India have already begun switching to new age technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) etc. In addition to the healthcare industry taking a more consumer centric approach to product development and research, the medical community must follow suit in care delivery. Healthcare advertising in the digital age requires a digital approach. Although many traditional offline tactics are still viable, a well-rounded, effective medical advertising strategy requires an online multi-channel approach with precise targeting. Digital Saline is a health care focused digital and advertising agency, headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra. The organization provides various services such as Healthcare Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing for Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Medical devices companies, Healthcare Advertising, Branding and Multilingual & Multicultural marketing as well depending on the service or product to be promoted.

The Digital Saline Team has many years of experience in medico marketing working with top pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The organisation later ventured into the field of digital marketing and advertising. The entire team of the organization successfully participated in applying medico marking principles for their digital marketing projects and started providing digital marketing solution specifically for healthcare. As part of their digital marketing services, today the company offers customized website developments as well. The websites designed by Digital Saline have been high yielding with functions including dynamic responses. These responses are especially made for healthcare plans and have different features including videos, podcasts, healthcare blogs and testimonials to improve the clients output. Apart from these services, Digital Saline offers customized pharmaceutical marketing planning, execution of digital marketing for doctors, medical application marketing and healthcare application marketing. The organization also makes provisions for Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ad management and Social media campaigns.
All the marketing services are tailored for health care brands depending on the products and target audience.

Digital Saline focuses on delivering quality products to the clients without any compromise in the features and eminence of the product. Raising capital was one of the challenges the organization worried about. Acquiring enough talent was another challenge the company faced while venturing into this domain. Digital Saline constantly tackled all the challenges and ensured continued growth in the business. As the organization provides various digital marketing services, among which website development and marketing is an important aspect as well. Designing and conceptualising website is done in a systematic manner while making sure to add the digital marketing concepts from the inception stage, which is then followed robustly with digital marketing strategies as planned.

Dr.Sameer Jadhwar,Founder and CEO

Recently, Digital Saline worked for a top pharma company for a health biscuit option that they were trying to market. Digital Saline provided the digital marketing planning and execution to boost client's sales revenues. The company also conducted OTC campaign for the client, targeting the general population and highlights the quality of the product through social media platform. The promotion was successful, and the customers were satisfied with the service provided by Digital Saline. Today the company boosts of Top Healthcare multinational companies amongst its clients along with Top Doctors and Hospitals as well.

All the marketing services are tailored for health care brands depending on the products and target audience

"In the coming years, we are looking into delivering more of Quality Digital Services at Unbeatable Prices in the healthcare arena. We will expand to reach out to global health care clients by establishing office in UK, US, Dubai and Singapore to further expand our scope of activities." says Dr Sameer J, Founder and CEO, Digital Saline.