DimenZion3 Talent Consulting: One-Stop-Solution for Diversity Consulting & Interpersonal Effectiveness Programs

Shrivallabh Kulkarni,CEOCompanies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers. Viewing workplace diversity equitably, and squaring multiple demographics with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives sounds like a utopian concept, but once achieved, bestows the organization with a competitive edge. Attributing to create awareness exceptionally, DimenZion3 staged an interactive play ‘Black, White…& Life In Between’ that captured the attention of the corporate audience like no other , thus becoming India’s first company to use professional theatre as a medium to impart insights on diversity & inclusion at workplace, proving that visual remembrance is surprisingly robust than rhetoric learning. The play received rave reviews and has been performed at various corporates on invitation, ever since.

Understanding that the changing demands of the unpredictable industry is grueling companies to innovate at organizational level to build a sustainable workforce, Shrivallabh Kulkarni(CEO)and Hema Kulkarni (Director) decided to establish DimenZion3 Talent Consulting in 2012, to provide global solutions in the areas of diversity & inclusion, HR and leadership development while also offering competency building solutions for interpersonal skill development. While many companies emphasize on developing technical skills, DimenZion3 has built a niche in making diversity, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence as the differentiating factors for the budding modern businesses.

Offering Client-Centric Solutions
Among its manifold of consulting practices, DimenZion3’s expertise in diversity & inclusion consulting enables organizations build a uniform environment for all genders and differently abled people while also supporting companies keep a check on policies & processes, talent management programs, infrastructure & accessibility. This practice helps organizations build their diversity strategy, develop inclusion practices (building systems, culture & programs) and
imparts training on unconscious bias, thus enabling them to sustain talent by making everyone (and not just one set of people) feel included in the organizational functioning. Preparing pavilion for never-ending opportunities to learn & grow, DimenZion3 offers competency development solutions concerning interpersonal effectiveness (emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration and team work), leadership development and intercultural competency. While most players provide subsisting off-the-shelf training materials, this company focuses on providing client-centric solutions from floored personnel to top managers.

DimenZion3’s expertise in diversity & inclusion consulting enables organizations build a uniform environment for all genders and differently-abled people

With its diversity of resources, solutions & capabilities, DimenZion3 built a brand platform ‘CATAPULT’, which proffers outsourced interviewing solutions for recruiting talents at managerial level and above. With this plug-in service, the company conducts competency & behavior based interviews involving final assessment and reporting of candidate fitment to the role. Besides, Talent & OD consultants help HR segment plan culture and change management for people engagement and retention, especially in building leadership pipelines. “We aid our client’s to adapt early to the change, in terms of changing system, processes or behavior through training programs,” explains Hema.

3D Analysis for Customized Service
DimenZion3, with a name embodying its three-dimensional approach, has positioned itself as a valuable brand by addressing the length, breadth & depth of clients’ needs vis-a-vis other two dimensional service providers. For instance, while most consulting service providers camouflage off-the-shelf programs as consulting solutions, the company customizes 90 percent of its solutions to client’s needs including culture & values. For an Indian business conglomerate in the communications space, Dimenzion3 built a tool that can be applied globally as a reference for inclusive communication at work. Moreover, the company empowered many of its bigwig clients of media & entertainment, advertising, KPO and logistics industries in building leadership development space, interpersonal potency and HR frame works.
Global Footprints & Prospects
Being in collaboration with some prestigious partners like Language and Culture Worldwide for specific content in the intercultural competency training programs and TRACOM group for interpersonal effectiveness solutions, DimenZion3 deploys tools like SOCIAL STYLE, VERSATILITY, and BEHAVIORAL EQ questionnaires. The company primarily focuses on personal accountability and empowerment to bring in great amount of employee credibility & capability.

Aspiring to triple its revenue, DimenZion3 will soon be launching a mobile based learning app aimed to integrate technology based immersive learning experience and an online product in the behavioral interviewing space. The company will also be announcing its global partnerships in APAC & Middle-east next year. “Our goal is to be a major player in the Diversity & Inclusion space in the upcoming years and use technology as an enabler yet prioritizing the person-to-person working model,” concludes the duplet.

Key Management
Shrivallabh Kulkarni, CEO
Expert in technical & marketing domain, Shrivallabh is passionate about elevating DimenZion3 in diversity & inclusion consulting sector. He is a master trainer in intercultural competency, certified IDI administrator and an accomplished speaker. He has executed prestigious projects also in the fields of Leadership Development with clients in the communication, telecom, IT and media space.

Hema Kulkarni, Director
Having 20 years of industry experience in diverse fields, Hema has evolved into a path-breaking professional and produced an interactive theatrical play ‘Black, White…& Life In Between’ on diversity.

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