D&R Consultant: Sculpting Safety & Shaping Excellence in Structural Engineering

Revati Raman Singh,CEOThe structural engineering industry encompasses the de¬sign, analysis, and construction of safe and efficient structures. It plays a vital role in shaping our built environment, focusing on innovative solutions that withstand various forces while adhering to stringent safety and regulatory standards. The structural engineering industry is witnessing dynamic trends. First, sustainable and eco-friendly designs are gaining prominence as environmental consciousness rises. Second, the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) streamlines the design and construction phases.

The industry's growth is driven by urbanization, demanding innovative infrastructure, and an emphasis on earthquake-resistant structures. However, Clients often face challenges related to cost control, structural integrity, and adherence to regulations, which demand specialized consulting services. D&R Consultant excels in sustainable design, employs advanced technology like BIM, and emphasizes structural resilience. With a rich port¬folio and extensive experience, it offers cost-effective, compliant, and innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of clients, ensuring the structural safety and success of projects.

Since its establishment in 2006, D&R Consultant has become a prominent name in the field of structural engineering consultancy.
Located in New Delhi, the firm has evolved under the able guidance of Er. Revati Raman Singh, into a leading player in structural engineering services. While its core mission revolves around offering credible services to governmental entities, architects, engineers, contractors, developers, industries, and institutions, D&R Consultant's commitment extends far beyond that.

Structural Engineering Excellence
D&R Consultant's core services encompass structural engineering solutions tailored to architects, contractors, builders, developers, government entities, industries, and institutions. Its extensive experience spans new building designs, renovations, and repairs, encompassing structures ranging from family homes to multi-story buildings and industrial facilities. The firm's commitment to quality is evident in its adherence to standards, the use of cutting-edge techniques, and software for analysis and design.

One of D&R Consultant's notable achievements includes the structural safety audit of 15 towers near the Twin Tower demolition site in Noida, ensuring the stability of neighboring structures during demolition. “The company has also been involved in several multi-story building projects, railway station modifications, hospital extensions like PGI Chandigarh, and educational institutions such as JNB schools, showcasing its diverse expertise”, says Revati Raman Singh, CEO of D&R Consultant.

National and International Reach
Having worked on various projects across different states in India, the D&R Consultant possesses the expertise to handle projects nationwide and even internationally. Their portfolio includes diverse projects characterized by unique site conditions, code requirements, client specifications, and architectural expressions. With experience extending to countries like Maldives, South Africa, and Guinea, the firm's track record includes multi-level car parking structures, hospitals, multi-story buildings, and residential projects. Their proficiency extends to structural audits and retrofitting, catering to the growing market of older buildings in need of evaluation and upgrading to modern safety standards.

D&R Consultant takes a holistic approach to structural engineering, acknowledging the uniqueness of each project. Its commitment to safety, economy, and architectural integrity is evident in its selection of foundation systems, feasibility studies, and cost analyses. The consultant emphasizes an interactive design approach that keeps client requirements at the forefront while maintaining stability and cost-effectiveness.