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Dr. Ratan Sengupta, Director & CEO

Dr. Ratan Sengupta

Director & CEO

In today’s day and age, providing merely good-quality products and services to clients is not enough. As supply chain mature, the focus has rightly shifted towards various aspects of business sustainability environment protection, ensuring the health & safety of personnel, and data security amongst others. Effective implementation of ISO Standards helps organizations meet all these challenges and take steps towards becoming a world class organization.

Of late, cases of companies treating ISO Certifications merely a marketing tool and purchasing a certificate without doing any preparation like documentation; training and implementation of any systems have increased. Unfortunately, such practices do not enable organizations to truly achieve what these standards intent the consistent level of business performance. Dr. Sengupta & Associates(DRSGA) changing people’s mindset and coming to the rescue are helping businesses reach the global stance.

The Genesis
Dr.Ratan Sengupta, an exGovt professional turned entrepreneur, has worked as an Additional Director with Electronics Regional Test Laboratory (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India),before venturing into DRSGA in 2000. Reminiscing his initial days, he says “One day I visited one of our client's premises and saw a picture of a flying bird with the caption ‘You do not know what height you can attain, until and unless you spread your wings.’That gave me a boost to start thinking about
setting up a company of my own to help drive improvement and success of organizations of various types and sizes.”

It was an agile decision of letting go of 15 years of Govt. service, over a weekend. Initially started by Dr. Sengupta, alongside support staff, they were fortunate enough to onboard two clients on the very first day of their existence, and since then, there has been no looking back for them. Today, DRSGA provides consulting services to organizations of all types and sizes based on the core principle that each client has their own set of challenges and requirements. “We first understand the values, culture,and the environment in which an organization operates and then provide solutions that are the perfect fit. This approach has empowered our clients to tackle all kinds of business challenges,” explicates Dr. Sengupta.

Currently, in an expansion phase, DRSGA is gearing up for the next stage of growth by increasing productivity and customer value

Scaling new heights, DRSGA at present offers a gamut of services to its clients, which includes Management System Consulting & Training based on various ISO Standards, Healthcare Standards for Hospitals, Laboratories, Clinics, Process Mapping/Documentation Services, Lean & Six Sigma Consulting & Training, HR Outsourcing Services & Soft Skills Training, Technical Audits of Electronics Manufacturing Processes, Product Certification Consultancy(CE, IS, RoHS, WEEE),and third party inspection amongst others.

The Way Forward
Based in Thane, DRSGA started with a figure of INR 5 lacs, today, it has grown multifold in terms of revenue over the last 18 years. The company has a strong client base of 800+, both in nonhealthcare & healthcare space. Few of the clients include Tata Motors, Nokia, Wipro, Larsen & Turbo, Hiranandani Group (Construction, School & Healthcare), Central India Institute of Medical Sciences (Nagpur), Lifeline Hospital (Ludhiana), Narayani Life Sciences LLP and many more. The company has its presence in India, Bangladesh & UAE.

Currently, in an expansion phase, the company is gearing upfor the next stage of growth by increasing productivity and customer value. Sharing the future plans ahead of DRSGA, Dr.Sengupta concludes “We will be part of this marvelous journey, where we will be converting the organizations into an LLP or Pvt. Ltd. Company. Achieve NABET Certification for consultancy to the healthcare sector, and enhance the capability to meet future client requirements in allied fields such as Business Excellence. We want to create short term and midterm courses regarding various Management Systems, Electronics, and allied areas.