E Marketing Solution: Planning & Executing Stellar e-Commerce Solutions

Vivek Gupta, Founder

Vivek Gupta


With the reach of Internet expanding exponentially and proliferation of Internet enabled devices across India, the e-Commerce industry has experienced massive growth in the last few years. Additionally, services such as UPI, digital wallets, COD and secure payment options have also propelled consumers to shed their inhibitions against online shopping. As a consequence, various players have entered the market. Working towards helping e-Commerce players overcome challenges pertaining to strategy and technology is E Marketing Solution, a Ludhiana based result driven marketing firm.

Headed by Vivek Gupta, the firm leverages his prior experience of having run an e-Commerce website to help clients create online presence, build brand, sell smart, add one more channel for sales, know their customers better and automation. The company also possesses expertise in rendering CRM solutions, digital marketing, software development, consultancy, corporate motion graphic video & website and brain training programs. Armed with a strong team of experts with the right knowledge and experience in the
e-Commerce industry, the firm lays emphasis on understanding a client’s requirements before suggesting the required solutions. Getting the basics clear, the company focuses on delivering simple and sound user experience to consumers.

Right from planning the steps that need to be taken,growth plans, business development ideas, and strategies to expand market reach, E Marketing Solution takes care of every step

Simplifying the e-Commerce Puzzle
As e-Commerce, the new generation business model gain more traction, hence an increasing number of retailers are rearing to enter the market. “Retailers not only save costs on maintenance and infrastructure by adding e-Commerce as one more channel of sale but they can also reach a much larger customer base easily,” explains Vivek. It can also help businesses bring together their distributors, dealers, whole sellers, and stockiest on to a common platform to be in constant touch. E Marketing Solution helps its clients through its proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies.

Providing end-to-end solutions, the company helps clients build an efficient e-Commerce strategy. Right from planning the steps that need to
be taken, growth plans, business development ideas, and strategies to expand market reach, E Marketing Solution takes care of every step. The firm also renders technology solutions to clients. Not only does the firm render customized and user friendly software solutions, but also helps clients implement the solutions efficiently. Additionally, E Marketing Solution also enables clients with self-management skills to use software products with ease.

Adopting a well thought out methodology to ensure successful project completion, the company begins the process with an in-depth analysis of a client’s digital marketing requirements. Next, the E Marketing Solution team helps clients setup a specific goal that can be achieved through digital marketing solutions. The firm then chalks out a strong plan which defines the go to market strategy for digital marketing. Once the plan is finalized, the team then works endlessly towards implementing their knowledge to achieve the desired goals.

Implementing a well thought out strategy to problem solving, E Marketing Solution has won over a long list of clients which include,,, and JB Traders among others. Founded in 2012, the company has come a long way since its inception and is now focused on learning and upgrading the team’s know how to ensure better client satisfaction. Working towards gaining a larger share in the market, the ambitious organization is leaving no stones unturned.