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  • 20 Most Promising e-Commerce Consultants - 2018

    Internet users in India are expected to reach 829 million by 2021 and this sudden upsurge of internet in the sub-continent became one of the vital factors for the growth of the Indian economy. Being the fastest growing market for e-Commerce, India’s e-Commerce revenue is expected to jump from $39 billion in 2017 to $20 billion in 2020 (i.e. an annual rate of 51 percent, the highest in the world) with electronics sector leading from the front with a share of 47 percent and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43 percent by 2020. As the awareness of using internet is increasing, even Government has introduced Digital India to bring in more people to online modes of commerce. India’s start-up ecosystem is growing supported by several FDI policies, Government initiatives like...

20 Most Promising e-Commerce Consultants - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BonoBoz BonoBoz Abhik Basu, Co-Founder Uses the experience in the field to give a 360-degree solutions to make your venture thrive in the e-Commerce space
Chitrangana Chitrangana Nitin Lodha, Consultant, Consultant Provides a full range of e-Commerce consultancy and delivery solutions to start-ups, retail, corporate, manufacturing, finance plus retailer and distributors
Cyberica Net Technologies Cyberica Net Technologies P. K Puri, Managing Director A full-cycle consulting firm providing customers with complete service on every stage of the project, from the initial business pain point identification to the final re-engineered business process delivery and maintenance
E Marketing Solution E Marketing Solution Vivek Gupta, Founder A digital marketing firm that specializes in e-Commerce solutions, CRM solutions, digital marketing, software development, consultancy, corporate motion graphic video & website and brain training programs
Elixir Web Solutions Elixir Web Solutions Mohit Sareen, Founder Focuses on providing the best of e-Commerce consulting to its clients and helps them improve their ROI
Embitel Embitel Sharad Bairathi, Founder & Managing Partner Identifies technology to achieve objectives through multichannel, omnichannel, mobile commerce along with the best cloud server infrastructure
Gadget Analyst India Gadget Analyst India Amit Singh Rajpoot, CEO Leading e-Commerce consultant handholding clients’ businesses right from their institution to revenue generation via end-to-end services across a network of online portals
Indigo Consulting Indigo Consulting Rajesh Ghatge, CEO Optimizing the e-Commerce strategies to suit the needs of the ever-evolving customer to achieve business objectives and goals
Jaipur Global Services Jaipur Global Services Shashank Gupta, Founder Devising integrated and affordable e-Commerce consultancy solutions for web development, design, maintenance and product marketing strategies
JSS Pro JSS Pro JVSN Krishna, Director A provider of e-Commerce consulting solutions that focus on problem solving and automation for resolving SMEs’ challenges
ND Commerce ND Commerce Mukund Malagi Co-Founder & Director, Ajay Miglani Co-Founder & CEO , & Ranjit Pai Co-Founder & Director A Brand eChannel specialist that helps large and medium brands online retailing (brand webstore retailing & marketplace retailing), omni channel retailing & cross border retailing
Prione Business Services Prione Business Services Sandeep Varaganti, CEO Offering e-Commerce consultancy & technical support to enable SMBs build, manage and grow their businesses in the online sphere
Sellowor Sellowor Swayamjeet Das, CEO With an expertise to sell at over 60 marketplaces all over the world, the company takes care of development, integrations, marketing, order processing & reconcilations
Velocity Velocity Manish Agrawal, Founder A talented workforce of e-Commerce consultants who provide the best solution within a limited time period in order to maintain satisfactory result with long lasting relations
Whole9Yards Whole9Yards Roshit Choukhany & Abhijeet Agarwal, Partners Multi-channel e-Commerce retailer of brands across India & US crafting end-to-end online marketing solutions to bring any company online or enrich its existing footprint
Wikreate Media Wikreate Media Sudip Das, Founder An all-round creative agency which comes up with big ideas for effective campaigns across every channel from direct to digital, social to mobile
X Media Solutions X Media Solutions Leelai Rajan, CEO & Founder Offers control utilizing its in depth knowledge, skills, and unparalleled support right from the roots of planning, and implementation, to development of the e-Commerce site
Young Retail Young Retail Amod Anand, Founder Providing end-to-end e-Commerce solutions starting from platform designing, marketing, customer service, order processing & fulfillment, product information management, catalogue management to warehousing, making the overall online experience wonderful
Zomos Infotech Zomos Infotech Megha Ajwani, Co-Founder A millennial marketing technology company that helps create innovative solutions for brands that engage digitally savvy customers across digital platforms