Kurate Digital Consulting: Transforming Business & Creating Value

Uday Sodhi,Senior Partner

Uday Sodhi

Senior Partner

Kurate Digital Consulting is a company focusing on Digital transformation which helps companies to adopt digital technology to improve the buy and sell process, identify, connect & personalise communication to the right audience and drive revenue growth. “Beyond helping create the strategy as a Consulting team, we actually identify and put together the Technology led solutions and bring them up to operational speed to achieve key result areas, “Our key driving thought is to create disruption and maximise ROI for our clients”, says UdaySodhi, Senior Partner at Kurate Digital Consulting.

The company helps D2C brands in their complete e-Commerce Customer Management focusing on optimised Customer Acquisition, driving better onsite Experience, driving a Retention led Loyalty for better LTV and supporting complete e-Commerce Inventory management & fulfilment process. Kurate’s strategies are simple yet contemporary and sharply defined to be able to provide maximum bang for the buck. These strategies follow the ICE principle where the outcome is easily Implementable, is Cool and Extraordinary.

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Kurate’s end-to-end offering starts with creating a strategy mainly focusing on using digital technology followed by execution
while keeping efficiencies and cost at the centre of it. The company has a DSP seat to run programmatic campaigns for advertisers and manage the inventory of publishers. “We are a bunch of seasoned digital professionals with experience across ecommerce, marketing and managing digital business”, says Uday. The team’s expertise lies in recommending the optimal digital strategy suited to a specific business and executing it with the best possible digital technology.

The team at Kurate sets up ecommerce solutions for operationally managing the warehouse, order fulfilment and last mile logistics functions. This allows the Clients to focus on their competence areas of Products and Consumer Marketing while the complete backend operation remains outsourced. The solutions offered are also modular in nature to be able to offer specific solutions to players already in their e-Commerce journey.

Further, the company also has a dedicated vertical on Gamification. The whole idea behind this, according to Uday is to convince enterprise clients to use Game theory and mechanics to enhance customer journey which will contribute significantly in improving their acquisition and retention through engagement.

Keeping pace with the changing digital and technology scenario, kurate is poised to embrace the evolution and gear itself accordingly

One day at a time
Kurate recently started its journey during the pandemic and is steadily growing. The company aims to target, first, the MSMEs much more strongly, especially the companies who want to move their business from traditional to the digital world. As it’s a growing segment, there is an inherent need to keep pace with changing business models and mode of buying and selling. The second segment Kurate wants to target are startups. “There is an immediate connection since we are a startup, we understand their needs and way of operating”, adds Uday. With the advent of numerous Unicorns and would be Unicorns there is a big opportunity to showcase their expertise and provide state of the art strategy and execution capabilities.

Keeping pace with the changing digital and technology scenario, Kurate is poised to embrace the evolution and gear itself accordingly. “As we expand our business, we are going to add new dimensions and partners encompassing new technology, tools and resources”, concludes Uday.