EDS International: Global Supply Chain Solutions for Corporations and Individual Projects

Daniel Ben-Ezra ,Regional Manager - South & SE Asia

Daniel Ben-Ezra

Regional Manager - South & SE Asia

Most organizations face difficulties maintaining sourcing, procurement and quality expertise across multiple categories and supplier bases. A sourcing and procurement service provider reduces the burden by providing supplier identification research, vendor analysis and the best match to meet all client requirements. With global coverage and local expertise, coupled with a vast database of vendors across Asia and the Americas, EDS International has been able to not only find the ideal supplier but also represent client interests abroad. They ensure that there is a critical eye overseeing production processes and on-time delivery of the products to the client’s front door. The company, founded in 1984, is a reliable international procurement partner with over three decades of local on-site presence in its chosen markets.

Diversification of Supply Chain and sourcing beyond China
The supply chain solutions provided by EDS include: Global Procurement Services, Supplier Identification, and Tooling Engineering for customized tooling, molding, casting and stamping processes. Moreover, they also focus on Product Development for contract manufacturing and OEM/ODM services, Product Optimization to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and extend product lifecycles, and Production Transfer to move production lines across Asia, Europe or North America.
“We help our clients to increase efficiency, improve relationships and have a better experience with their vendors. Inherently, EDS is the international representative of our clients abroad”, explains Daniel Ben-Ezra, Regional Manager - South & SE Asia, EDS International.

EDS provides a flexible and transparent service rate depending on the size and type of purchase order. They also conduct multi-country vendor projects as a part of comprehensive supply chain solutions, helping to maximize the cost efficiency of every single project. Standard rates include supplier management, project coordination, logistics and shipment arrangements, quality control and corrective action planning as well as ongoing price negotiation to name just a few of the services included in their all-inclusive rate. As a result, clients benefit from lower overall production costs, reduced outsourcing risks and the timely delivery of high-quality products.

EDS provides a flexible and transparent service rate depending on the size and type of purchase order

Growing concern over the US-China trade war and the Coronavirus has caused many businesses to actively seek supply chain diversification. EDS International provides the support, advice and expertise required to ensure their clients choose the right suppliers and ensures that the production is set up right the first time. As the outbreak of novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has paralyzed much of China for the last month, Daniel expressed his concerns related to the resulting in delays and disruptions of production, supply and distribution of global supply chains.

That is why EDS will continue to seek out alternative sourcing opportunities beyond China and building strategic partnerships with the clients on new projects around the world. The company is also working on a new, proprietary logistics center in Europe. This warehousing solution will enable inventory management and distribution within and around the EU and provide uninterrupted on-time delivery of goods to the client’s distribution centers. “With dedicated account managers, in-house engineers, designers, and sourcing experts, EDS provides a one-stop solution for supply chain management. Seamless cooperation with our sister company, PRO QC International, assures that quality is always a top priority”, highlighted Daniel.