eHelium: Maneuvering Platforms Where Talents Meet Employment

Deepak Subramanian,Founder & CEO

Deepak Subramanian

Founder & CEO

Technological advancements are making indispensable impact on the talent acquisition industry where technological solutions are developed everyday on the cutting edge of what AI and Analytics can accomplish. Right from CVs on paper to job boards, applicant tracking systems and online assessments, technology has brought about tremendous change in the recruitment sector. While these technological advancements have offered solutions to problems that employers faced a decade ago, the ever evolving nature of a recruitment industry counters new challenges ever so often making it difficult to filter-out the best talents. Yet, with an eagle-sharp view for selecting right talent and an in-depth expertise in the field of recruitment, eHelium, a Chennai-based recruiting firm, emerges to challenge the dilemma of the abundance of labor that exists parallel to the dearth of talent with its technology-based operating systems.

This reputed company has been in the market since 2012 and has successfully placed over 10,000 professionals until now, further serving over 100 clients. Proffering services that surge on employer
branding, excellent market knowledge, and quality of sourcing, reliability &partnership, the company filters the right millennial to the right work places. Living upto its motto to ‘discover people who matter’, Deepak Subramanian, Founder & CEO, eHelium, avers, “We are a technology enabled (AI and Analytics) recruitment firm. We are in the process of building an AI based sourcing engine”. Along with its extensive knowledge gained over the years, the company has anchored the advantage of understanding the awareness of the competitor’s activities in every area of recruitment. Thus, eHelium takes pride in developing a distinct and personalized approach to recruitment.

"Knitting out 'Engage',eHelium highlights the opportunistic nature of these companies, further providing pre-hire nurturing and skill development for future employees"

'Engage' Transforms Hiring Experience
While the silver lining of recruitment stands at the decks of technology, its future too lies in the striking balance between human touch and technology. The company leaps over this hybrid process that ensures only the best talent is identified, attracted and up-skilled to fit a job at the right firm. With a sourcing-to-on-boarding solution that stems out of extensive experience in entry level hiring for developing countries, the company is well equipped to customize services according to its client’s diverse mandates. As a result, eHelium has developed an exclusive ‘diversity-focused hiring
service’ proffering a unique delivery of services to its clientele.

With a keen attention to the clients’ recruiting concerns, values and ROI, eHelium carefully crafts-out tech-driven efficiently proven solutions. Knitting out ‘Engage’ - an employer branding platform for startups and SMBs, the company highlights the opportunistic nature of these companies, further providing pre-hire nurturing and skill development for future employees. Engage supports individuals to choose the right roles, coach and screen them enabling employees to hire ready-to-succeed workers further reducing turnover by 30 percent and promoting the benefits of working at startups. This career management platform is solely developed on the pillars of Analytics.

Efficiency Breeds Best
Imbibing a work culture that is pro-learning, eHelium's efficient team of 18 undergoes rigorous knowledge-sharing sessions where renowned industrial practitioners are invited to share their insights on the industry’s latest trends and challenges. This acquired knowledge is then carried out by the team who has had the privilege to serve some of the most reputed companies like the Bank of New York Mellon, Shell, Olam and Trans Union, that add to its list of other eminent client-base.

Led by staffing entrepreneur who holds over 14 years in industry experience, the company looks ahead to streamline its position as an end-to-end recruitment firm, striking the right balance between its services and products.