Erudio Solutions: A Helping Hand Streamlining Operations & Management of Healthcare Organisations

Amit Kumar Singh,Founder & MD

Amit Kumar Singh

Founder & MD

As per the WHO, health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not just mere absence of diseases. To achieve this holistic well being, it is imperative to consider not only the medical advances but the design & infrastructural elements and regular planning & operations required for building the healthcare facility as well. Aligning itself to this belief, Delhi-based Erudio Solutions is helping medical facilities and institutes receive an end-to-end provision, like turn-key project consultancy, quality accreditation compliance and many others, enabling them to focus on their core role of providing stellar medical services. “In Latin, Erudio stands for imparting knowledge to individuals and society at large and we stay true to our motto through our professionally managed consultancy to healthcare centres,” states Amit Kumar Singh, Founder & Managing Director, Erudio Solutions.

Resting on the pillars of conceptualization, delivery, operational compliance and execution, Erudio under takes a 3600 approach, encompassing hospital planning & designing and assisting its customers right
from the concept formation stage to the commissioning, emphasizing on strategic & operational planning, equipment & manpower planning, architectural & services planning, financial planning & marketing and post commissioning hospital operations. This step-by-step professional guidance to attain a feasible project, assembled under the workmanship of highly professional architects, builders and equipment suppliers in a rapid turnaround time works wonders in upping the brand management and positioning of the hospitals.

Erudio is an active participant in conceptualization of Allied Health Sciences Institutes and runs its own institutes across the country

'Erudiosm' at its Best
With its handheld assistance in establishing medical education at various levels like post graduate medical education, nursing, paramedical, dental and ayurveda, the Erudio team continues to amplify progress and medical development. As a testament to its credibility, Erudio is an active participant in conceptualization of Allied Health Sciences Institutes and runs its own institutes across the country. Its establishements like Rajshri Insitute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Institute of Healthcare Professionals, Punjab, and many others play a dominant role in reinforcing the Indian medical industry and
academia. Moreover, pharmacies and smaller healthcare organisations also benefit from Erudio's inventory management services where the latter focuses on the planning, management and audit, offering deep insights on the financial, design, logistics, business modeling and training & development framework of the customers. Amit further adds, "We have aided several pharmacies in their growth, especially during their crucial startup phase and expansions".

Mean while, its other services like medical tourism and equipment planning are giving the medical servicing a new dimension, blending the contemporary trends with the conventional ideations. For instance, leveraging advanced engineering & technology, it oversees the complete equipment planning process for its customers, while riding the tourism wave, it crafts a comprehensive medical treatment procedure with carefully selected team of physicians & surgeons, JCI accredited hospitals, detailed cost estimates and destinations as per your travel plans to amalgamate treatment with a recuperative holiday. With a new feather in its cap, Erudio team is currently working on a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project with the Indian and Mauritian Governments, focused on building a ‘Medical Education City’ that would take the concept of medical education and amenities to another paradigm. “We are hopeful that such projects will help build the medical society as well as cement our position as prominent market players,” concludes Amit.