Eshaan Energy: Facilitating High Environmental Sustainability for Future through Solar Power

Burra Phani Chandra,Founder & CEO

Burra Phani Chandra

Founder & CEO

India is endowed with a very vast solar energy potential. Because solar energy is becoming inexpensive in comparison to other conventional energy sources due to innovations in the solar sector that have reduced the global average selling prices of solar PV. Realizing the tremendous potential of solar power, Eshaan Energy is harnessing to promote green energy. Established in 2013 in Vijayawada, Eshaan Energy’s objective is to promote, develop and maintain power projects based on renewable sources to meet the ever increasing power demand of the country and the region.

Furthermore, the company follows Indian culture and believes that the dream of making a green energy-based country can be done by following this culture only. And in order to follow this culture Eshaan Energy provides German and Japanese technology at Indian prices. “The main aim is to develop sustainable energy solutions in whole India, particularly in coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. We are concentrated upon Vijayawada where we cover 950+ kms of coastal line. The basic idea of establishment of this particular company Eshaan Energy is to develop sustainable solutions for solar energy and promotion of elite solar products,” said Burra Phani Chandra, Founder and CEO, Eshaan Energy.

Presenting Differentiating Services in Market
Eshaan Energy is an EPC contractor and partners with core manufacturing, technology, companies to execute turnkey projects. Eshaan Energy is aiming to be IPP
(Independent Power Producer). The company provides a wide range of solutions and services to accomplish solar projects from KW (kilowatt) to MW (Megawatt). These services start with Solar Rooftop OnGrid, OffGrid, Hybrid systems, Solar Water Pumpsets, Petrol Pumps Solarization, Micro Grids, Solar Buildings and Solar LED Lightning. The company’s competencies encompass all the key elements especially in the solar power chain in solar photovoltaic technologies. Moreover, the main differentiating factor of the company is quality of material and service being provided to the customers. The quality of material is not only approved by MNRE and state governments, discoms and state nodal agencies (SNA’s), DISCOMS and along with absolute care of the engineering and system integration at an elite level so that quality of products being used do not get hampered and guarantees solar power generation. Secondly, based on experience and passion, the company has simplified the process of understanding the importance of solar by making it easy for people who are under poverty line or uneducated. Using Technology, the Company has made solar energy solutions reachable for every sector of people through mobile and user friendly website. Thirdly, through energy audits Eshaan helps institutions, organizations spend lakhs of money on electricity bills gives recommendations for energy efficiency measures(EEMs)along with uncovering operational and equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to higher performance.

Eshaan Energy is an EPC contractor and partners with core manufacturing, technology, companies to execute turnkey projects

Citizen friendly policies and lesser paperwork, switching to online transactions will help Solar Energy generation and project establishments bloom. “The government should initiate more user friendly or single window process by which citizens do not have to run from one office and another and can get the benefit of solar energy without any hassle”, said Burra Phani Chandra.

With such efficient solar services, the company helped the tribal people of Parvatipuram in the Vijayanagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. Eshaan installed rooftop solar systems for youth hostels and during cyclone, in the 3 areas students and residents of the hostels were able to connect and communicate to using rooftop solar power. The benefit was when the cyclone affected that area students were able to connect and communicate to save themselves. Eshaan Energy model helps individuals, Micro, small and medium sized companies to start and run their solar business. Eshaan wants to scale up the solar business and enter into the countries of Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania and West African countries. Eshaan Energy Pvt Ltd wants to become a leading independent power producer with operating assets of 100 MW by the year 2022.