Eunoia: A Human Asset Management Organization

Aisha Mohammed Salim ,Founder & Managing Director

Aisha Mohammed Salim

Founder & Managing Director

The market for mental health services, according to reports, has grown post Covid-19. Companies across the world are adapting corporate well-being programs in order to increase collective productivity. In GCC countries, socio economic differentiations have made way for mental wellbeing programs on a large scale. Specifically, Qatar has been defined as one of the highly developed countries in terms of the human resources index by the UN. Many companies in Qatar are adapting to the role human resource and mental wellbeing experts play, which is instrumental in collective as well as individual prosperity.

However, there are a few challenges faced by this industry as a whole. Human resource experts struggle to undertake mental wellbeing issues and mental health clinics find it challenging to incorporate human resource programs. Eunoia bridges this gap by offering an integrated platform which combines human resource and mental well-being programs and offers a holistic set of solutions required for organizational development.

Eunoia is gaining traction in the market as the sole provider of a unique blend of HR and Psychology, that aims to align organizations with the 4 pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030: Human, Social, Economic and Environmental Development. The solutions not only achieve higher productivity in the company, but also help employees in understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

“We arrange workshops for employees and conduct on-site counseling programs that help them perform better in their professional and personal lives. Among our niche offerings are our programs, which are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. This makes us a valuable solution provider in the market”, mentions Aisha Mohammed Salim, Founder & Managing Director, Eunoia.
Growth Story
Eunoia was founded by an 18- year old girl named Aisha Mohammed Salim who is currently pursuing her graduation from Madras Christian College in Chennai, India and did her schooling in Doha, Qatar. Aisha's inspiration comes from her mother who has been a practicing psychologist for 27 years. The company was established in 2022 with the support of her family and experts in the field of mental health and human resources. “The stigma of mental health is very much prevalent on the work front. In GCC countries, there has been an increase in demand for mental health services post COVID-19. Corporate wellbeing programs are slowly taking the lead in this unique business landscape and cultural differentiations are driving the corporate wellbeing consultancy market”, states Aisha.

Standing Apart
Eunoia stands out in the mental well-being services market for several reasons. It concentrates a lot on personal well-being and creates programs that will help the organization achieve its business goals. The programs also add value in promoting sustainability to the environment. The enhancement solutions for organizations boost their overall performance and employee well-being. The solutions act as a preventive measure and detect the organizational factors that may require improvement. Based on the analysis of these factors, the company offers tailored solutions. At the same time, Eunoia assesses a candidate's long-term sustainability within an organization by ensuring effective talent acquisition and helping them achieve the best version of themselves. It believes that employees are the company's most valuable assets and that improving employee well-being is integral to achieving organizational goals.

Eunoia is gaining traction in the market as the sole provider of a unique blend of HR & Psychology, that aims to align organizations with the 4 pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030: Human, Social, Economic & Environmental Development

Eunoia also provides services to organizations seeking solutions on environmental sustainability measures and related social governance responsibilities. This initiative of the company makes it unique in the market. With this service, it is able to provide a complete cycle of solutions centred on the organizational development. “We are committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices that contribute to sustainability, social responsibility and help incorporate them into the company’s HR policies”, mentions Aisha.

The Road Ahead
Starting off in 2022, Eunoia has gained considerable trust in the market in a very short period of time. Eunoia’s team comprises skilled psychologists and HR professionals dedicated to continuing their impactful work and expanding its clientele in the GCC countries. “We aspire to associate with organizations in creating a longitudinal data-driven approach for clients that will be more precise and accurate, all the while staying committed to sustainability. Additionally, we are also excited about our upcoming employee assistance app 'euDay', as we work towards establishing ourselves as leading employee wellbeing solution providers in the years to come.”, concludes Aisha.