Ezapp Solution: A B2B Company Providing Automated Solutions

Gaurav Shandilya,CEOThe retail and e-commerce sector is emerging with an increased pace due to AI and Automation. There are many app developers in the market that assist their clients in product development. Ezapp Solution is recognised globally as one of the App Developers with some fine achievements and recognitions along the way while maintaining a market presence for 12 years now, since its establishment in 2008.

The company is known for developing and providing AI powered applications and mobile app development to Start-ups in Silicon Valley and SMEs across New York, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, Texas, with over 2000 clients located around the world, primarily in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Automated Solutions For Solving Complex Industry Problems
Ezapp Solution is positioned strongly in the field of Artificial Intelligence as it One of the Top Software Development Company which has suite of AI Automation tools and exceptional talent which makes it fit for Fortune 500, Fortune 100 Clients in terms of solving complex problems with application of Artificial Intelligence.

It is mainly focused on solving the industry needs by automating product development related to machine learning. This is to allow business stakeholders and data scientists to perform rapid analytics and forecast the complex datasets, and utilize the insights
from those forecasts to manage the growth of the business.

The company is headed for the core focus on AI Automation and Customer Analytics Services. It provides - AI powered B2B Sales Management, AI powered Revenue Generation for Ecommerce, AI CRM Analytics, AI Customer Analytics, AI Marketing Analytics, AI Risk Analytics, AI Fraud Analytics, AI RPA Automation, AI Forecasting for Sales and Stockouts, AI Fault/Anomaly Detection.

Ezapp Solution is a leading company in the marketplace of Software Development as it has built In-house applications supporting build of Automated Machine Learning Models. With Ezapp Enterprise, AI platform and automated decisioning intelligence, businesses are now capable of extracting key business value from unstructured data. The company is driven on key technology verticals of artificial intelligence, business intelligence, big data analytics and machine learning applications.

The Primary Focus is to Create an Impact
Ezapp is focussed on delivering high quality applications for Fintech Firms, Insurance, Retail, CPG, Power, Utility, Ecommerce, Education and HealthCare. The core focus is AI that has a deep impact in the field of Ecommerce. It has championed AI Analytics services such as - Customer Genomics, Customer Churn Reduction and CLTV Forecasting, Model for Hidden Patterns in Chat and Call transcripts, Automate Product Pricing for Products with market mix models, and Automate Sales and Optimize Sales for Ecommerce platforms.

With The power of AI we resolve the issues and provide the solutions at Ezapp

Ezapp Solution has built several products that are unique and hold a high value chain for its ecommerce customers. It has built Automated Website development tool, Automated Email Marketing tool, Automated Machine Learning Model development tool, Automated Forecasting on Time Series Features. These tools built have capability to automatically detect static Vs Cyclical patterns, Seasonality and perform automated Validations to achieve Maximum accuracy on the Models for Sales Optimization and Recommender Systems.

Ezapp Solution sees growth in e-Commerce and consolidation of the big e-tailers. It sees several opportunities in Indian market by allowing ecommerce platforms to turn the Machine Learning plug-ins to better understand customer dynamic needs and patterns of purchase. The Future Roadmap is to effectively induce AI Automation Services for the growth of ecommerce and retail.