Forthius Consulting: Weaving Wonders in Wealth Management with Commitment & Discipline

Kshitij Lodha,FounderGrowing demand & penetration of financial services, robust innovations, and fabulous policy support are the key factors skyrocketing the AUM industry in India. With the rise of corporate in-vestments in Mutual Funds, life & non-life insurances, equity & NBFC, Indian wealth management sector is meeting the global standards. Thanks to the high rising HNIs, the segment is sure to witness further rise in demand, scope and complexity.

Proffering bespoke wealth management solutions to SMEs, family legacies, top management, professionals, and non-residents is the Pune based wealth advisory proprietary, Forthius Consulting. Brainchild of the investment advisor & wealth manager, Kshitij Lodha, the firm renders mutual funds, equity, PMS, financial planning, fixed in-come and hedge funds advisory to both domestic and NRI citizens. Besides this, it also deals with general, medical & term insurances, and SIPs, leveraging an asset allocation model. Transparent, client-centric and custom-made, Forthius' services are curated based upon the internal profiling sheet, risk assessment and financial
assessment. With focus on these factors, the firm is able to provide effective roadmaps for the diverse objectives and goals different people have in their minds. Possessor of its own portal to transact for clients, the firm provides an app to its clients wherein they can see all their portfolio on a daily basis. All information regarding their assets such as MFs, insurances, EPF, jewellery, gold, cash in hand, FDs and stocks are available to them at just a single click! Furthermore, quarterly discussions, yearly planning and prior notifications regarding re-newability ensure no deviations from the roadmap.

Forthius is among the very few firms that offer a platform for investments in foreign products, particularly the dollar and euro based funds

An Accredited, Certified & Licensed
Advisory Delivering Robust Results An NISM certified professional, Kshitij possesses over a decade of experience with prominent firms like HDFC Private Banking Group, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. Additionally, he is an expert in the Private Banking side having managed monies of HNIs, and Ultra HNIs (both Residents & Non-Residents) from the business & professional sectors. Ergo, it is the effectiveness of his goal-oriented advices that clients like Seema Pandey (Director, Infosys) and Ashok Moharana (Senior Leader, Pharmaceuticals Firm) have been associated with the firm since a decade.

Forthius is among the very few firms that offer a plat-form for investments in foreign products, particularly the dollar and euro based funds! Focusing primarily on in-vestment strategies as per market scenario, it is a company that advises its clients regardless of whether they presently have enough money to deploy! A finance planner for youngsters/ new salaried individuals, it helps these novices make good use of their surplus money! Moreover, working with a lot of startups, it has considerably mentored and guided them.

With Rs.68 crore in revenues this year, Forthius Consulting aims at achieving the Rs.150 crore revenue mile-stone in the next three years. Intending to go global, the firm is well on its way to spread-out across the South-East Asian region.