Genworks: Inspiring Possibilities for a Healthier India with Disruptive Solutions & Inclusive Approaches

 S Ganesh Prasad,   Founder, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

S Ganesh Prasad

Founder, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

The pandemic exposed the poor state of the healthcare sector in India, particularly in major cities and highlighted the severe deficiencies in Tier-II and higher cities. The population's general attitude toward getting medical care later in life, rather than practicing preventive healthcare put a tremendous strain on the frail healthcare system and limited doctors' ability to practice. However, the faults were quickly recognized with various firms stepping up to fix the issue. Health care is now being provided closer to the patient's local facility, at the point of care. Patients' attitudes toward maintaining good health in childhood have significantly changed, and healthcare delivery now emphasizes prevention through wellness initiatives, diagnostic procedures, and illness specific therapies. Genworks was also founded to tackle this gap by using its powerful connection with GE Healthcare, whose vision is'At work for a healthier India'. Genworks seeks to expand access to high quality healthcare throughout the nation.

Technologically Driven Solutions
"Next Genworks is a leader in healthcare distribution and has made rapid strides to build an ecosystem and a technology platform to expand healthcare access and provide affordable care. We are defining Tomorrow, Today to support affordable access", shares S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO. Through the use of their digital technologies, Genworks connects care to provide cheap access. The accessibility or cost of Medtech devices is just one of the main issues facing healthcare delivery.
Access to specialists, affordability, and supply chain effectiveness are the main issues. Tier-II cities and beyond are particularly affected by this issue. Genworks is transforming healthcare delivery with technology as the foundation.

In addition to incorporating the greatest brands and best-in-class technology into their product offerings, Genworks has established a connected care platform across all of its care specialties to enhance patient access to specialists at any time. Their inhouse technology platform also disrupts the supply chain effectively to serve customers.

Next GENWORKS is a leader in healthcare distribution and has made rapid strides to build an ecosystem & a technology platform to expand healthcare access & provide affordable care

The need for connected care has grown over the past ten years, yet numerous siloed solutions have not been able to meet those needs. Genworks is committed to closing this gap with digital solutions in every aspect of healthcare, including connected nephrology, connected oncology, connected cardiology, and connected radiology. "We are focused on building solutions for all care areas by bringing portfolios from the best brands to put together cutting-edge technology. This tremendously helps improve outcomes. We have the best brands such as GE, Medtronic, Perkinelmer, Vyaire, Thermofisher, Natus to name a few that provide complete solutions for the care area needs of our customers", further adds Ganesh.

Genworks is a CAPEXfocused firm, and its services division will influence the adoption of healthcare technology with OPEX models that allow clients to pay per scan. This enables users to access equipment and services while having a modest financial burden. Every year, the company affects six million lives. The portfolios for cardiology, women, and children have had the most effects since they offer the greatest products and connect specialists with out lying areas through in vitro tests.

Future Roadmap
Genworks, which began as a distributor, now has an impact on all eight care areas during the whole care cycle. The firm has tremendous growth plans for the coming years. Through purchases in the fields of IVD and nephrology, the company is currently expanding into manufacturing. With its foreign subsidiary in Singapore, the company will also expand beyond India. Genworks is providing more used products and solutions to link care through its digital solutions and is also making a major entry into oncology and nephrology treatment with unique solutions that can be remotely connected and be in low resource locations to transformcare.