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Prakash Nama,Founder, President & CEO

Prakash Nama

Founder, President & CEO

Intellectual Property (IP) is not just bland two words, especially for businesses. You may be surprised as to how many aspects of your business can be protected by filing an IP – its name & logo, designs, inventions, creative works or intellectual efforts or even trademarks, which will distinguish and protect your business/product from your competitors. For many corporates, especially in India, IP is a challenging, costly and cumber some process; hence they may tend to neglect it, giving open invitation to others to steal their ideas and make it theirs. Therefore, IP protection not only protects your idea or a concept, it also protects genuine business assets that may be integral to the core services of the business and overall long-term viability. Serving the US IP market for over 25 years, Global IP Services (GIPS) found a huge gap in the Indian market and put its foot on the soil in 2003 to serve Indian companies with services at par with the US and European standards. These services are offered at a budget-friendly price or almost same cost as a typical large Indian law firm to startups, SMEs and individuals.

Prakash Nama(Founder & CEO) established GIPS as an alternative to a large law firm practice that provides a full range of intellectual property services including patent, trademark,and copy right, to high-end technology companies in the software, hardware, biotechnology and mechanical engineering areas. Company advises clients concerning the creation, development, enforcement, exploitation, protection, and transfer of IP rights. With offices in Princeton, NJ, US, and Bangalore, India, GIPS is uniquely positioned to provide IP services round the clock and across the globe. “Our turn-around time is one of the fastest in the industry. We work to consistently meet our clients’ deadlines and
have built an excellent reputation for providing high quality IP services in a timely manner,” claims Prakash.

Going beyondthe conventional way of being just an IP protector, GIPS partners with its clients as an inventor to conduct comprehensive prior-art patent searches across several technical disciplines to check whether similar kind of ideas or innovations already exist in the market

Excellence at its Best

Hired, trained and reviewed by the highly-experienced US staffs, Global IP’s India team is as qualified as their counter parts in other geographies. These professionals hold degrees from top colleges and have years of experience in different technological back grounds like electrical, electronics, semiconductors, telecommunication, software/hardware, mechanical, and biotechnology with expertise in handling IP laws and procedures of various jurisdictions,such as US, EPO, UK, JPO, CPO, KIPO and PCT, hence are able to quickly comprehend clients’ requirements and advice on the solutions to protect the IP apart from the much needed timely services even before it’s stolen or leaked.“We have successfully drafted thousands of patent applications for Fortune 500 clients,”asserts Prakash.

Going beyond the conventional way of being just an IP protector, GIPS partners with its clients as an inventor to conduct comprehensive prior-art patent searches across several technical disciplines to check whether similar kind of ideas or innovations already exist in the market, and if so, the company suggests various alternatives to go around and add on value to the ideas in terms of legal protection post understanding client’s technology. More over, some ideas can’t be only protected with patent, they need to have trade mark associated with a copy write. GIPS
offers a wide range of trademark solutions – from trademark clearance to supporting prosecution-driven tasks to enforcement and trademark maintenance. It closely works with US and India law firms to develop effective approaches for obtaining and managing valuable intellectual property rights, ensuring that patent portfolios are protected, maintained and regularly evaluated in order to optimize value. Apart from all these, the company also provides IP landscaping solutions for developing new innovative ideas and products that keep them ahead in the industry.

Working with some of the top US, Europe, China and India based multinational firms, Global IP is committed towards continuous employee’s growth and their skill enhancement as per the current industry standards. The company conducts various in-house training programs and initiates its employees to attain several conferences held across the globe on recent trends of Intellectual Property services. In addition to this, GIPS also inspires its employees to attend continuous learning programs conducted by its multinational clients to improve the quality of its services. With revenue growth of 5 to 10 percent year-on-year, company is planning to increase its team size between 500 to 1000 employees in the near future.“We are in process of renovating our existing office and expand to about 80-100 employees. We have also purchased a land near to Bangalore international airport and entered into the joint development to build a world class facility for us,” concludes Prakash.

Key Management:

Prakash Nama, Founder & CEO

IIT-Madras alumni, and a M.S, M.B.A and JD/MIP (LAW), Prakash has developed strong intellectual property protection skills at large corporations and law firms, thanks to his immense knowledge and experience in the field of patent prosecution. He is one among the few who are registered to practice before the USPTO and the IPO.

Offerings: Patent applications drafting & filing, Patent Prosecutions, Prior-art, Trademark Protection & Prosecution, Copy write & Design, IP Landscaping, and IP Litigations

Clients: Numerous companies in the hardware, software, mechanical, and biotech technology areas.