Go Solar Solutions: Go Solar Solutions: Enabling Exceptional Technology in Renewable Energy

Nazar Begawala,Managing Director

Nazar Begawala

Managing Director

Solar is feasible in virtually any section of the world receiving sunlight. And with about 300 clear and sunny days in a year, India has abundant availability of solar irradiance and receives solar energy throughout the year. Hence, it’s quite clear that the scope for Solar Powered Systems in India is immense. The renewable sector in India has seen a boom in the recent years, with technology updates being reported almost daily. The renewable energy has contributed to around 18.79 percent of the total electricity produced, with solar contribution standing at 5.44 percent as of 2018. This clearly suggests that a large amount of companies catering to Solar Power, have been established in the past few years. Go Solar Solutions, one such company, was founded by Nazar Begawala, who through his globe-trotting endeavours got hooked to the idea of bringing the best of western technologies to India, specifically the technologies that would help guide the country towards a greener tomorrow. Headquartered in Mumbai, it is one of the most prominent installers of Solar Rooftop Power Plants for businesses and consumers. The company offers personalized solutions and products that are crafted to perfection for gratifying the energy consumption unique to customers’ requirements. Go Solar Solutions specializes in providing Solar EPC solutions for Solar Power Plants based simply on solar Photovoltaic(PV) technology.

At Go Solar Solutions, a team of Engineers is extensively taught to understand and anticipate the electrical parameters and requirements of the Client, after which a formative plan is put in place for the installation of a Solar Power Plant. Additionally, they are trained to adapt to transformational drivers of change which are already in operation and to be ready to
respond rapidly to events and challenges which cannot reasonably be predicted. With this exceptionally trained team, the company ensures that the power plant is installed not only as per Indian but also by following international regulation and meets world-class quality every time. “Unlike our competitors, we are not in the business only for the transactions. Our USP lies in our ethic towards technology. We never compromise on quality, by staying immune to the market behaviour even if it affects our profitability”, explained Nazar Begawala, Managing Director, Go Solar Solutions.

Go Solar Solutions specializes in providing Solar EPC solutions for Solar Power Plants based simply on solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology

Along with this, a large portion of Go Solar business has been working for the B2B sector, more specifically industries of large, medium and small scale. Since these are the largest consumers of electricity, the can massively benefit by going solar, as opting to install a Solar Powered Plant would reduce their electricity bill amount by up to 90 percent. This guarantees almost free electricity for the system’s 30 years life cycle. Furthermore, businesses and factory owners have an additional advantage of availing 40 percent accelerated depreciation on their taxes. This helps increase in the company’s profits (As the production cost reduces due to free electricity). Also, it increases the property value of the buyers since the product is manufactured using green (renewable) energy.

Growth Aspect in India
Since inception, the company is quite certain about the potential growth in the demand for solar power in India. From a bootstrap start-up to a multinational company, Go-Solar has successfully indulged in waves of future based trends in technology. But with this success, there were lots of challenges. The biggest challenge in the initial days was to educate Indian clients about how they would benefit from harnessing solar technology. “Not only did we have to introduce new technology, but we also had to justify the investments involved. We had clearly underestimated the resistance we would encounter in getting our customers to accept this change in technology”, added Nazar.

However, now with the company’s accomplishments, Go Solar stands today as a provider of alternative renewable energy sources. The company has boosted its presence in Mumbai, Surat, and Dubai, with plans to expand in nations like Kenya and South Africa in the coming year. Additionally, the company is focused on addressing the needs of its customers through rugged, efficient, reliable and economical renewable energy solutions and products. “We are committed to total customer satisfaction by identifying their specific needs, translating them into quality products and providing dependable after-sales-services. The business we are in does not require us to stay one step ahead of the competition but to work alongside them in order to bring about positive changes in legislature favouring this technology”, concludes, Nazar.