Hrishee Strategic Advisors: Leveraging Experience to Craft & Implement Result Oriented Financial Strategies

Keyur Shah,Founder & CEO

Keyur Shah

Founder & CEO

The Big 4 – E&Y, Deloitte, KPMG and PwC, are known to offer their services to some of most renowned companies on the globe. However, with the small scale organisations and start-ups taking the corporate baton forward, these high end and expensive services fail to reach this rather distinct section of the business society and align their services as per these SMEs’ requirements. Clearly, there is a serious dearth of financial experts and strategic partners that can fill this major gap and address this upcoming segment. Catering to this growing demand, Ahmadabad based Hrishee Strategic Advisors (HSA) is helping MSMEs (especially) de-clutter their financial situations to create a clear & streamlined path, reshape them into professional organizations and ensure a futuristic growth. “The only difference between us and the Big 4 is that they have global presence and we’ve presence only in 11 countries. But we have an upper hand over them, as we go beyond the industrial jargon and offer our clients with next level solutions like pre-rating, business processing engineering, transaction advisory, SOP designing, business planning and many more at a 'pay-as-you-go' model,” states Keyur Shah, Founder, HSA.

A Holistic View
Equipped with 20+ years of industrial experience and decade-long corporate alliances, HSA stands apart with its high proficiency in locating the time and cost effective sources of finance for its clients. By focusing essentially on deliverables, rather than number of clients, the team studies the options available and leverages its consistent focus, expertise, sound work methodology & strong foundation to source the most beneficial route for the clients and help them out of the complex web of Equipment Finance, Short or Long Term Funds, Structured Finance and many others.However, its core strength lies in its capability of
working at ground level with clients in implementing these services,unlike most organizations that merely offer the advisory services. “We establish partnership with our clients in a way that would help us look after everything for them. We give these extra services not for money but to nurture their growth, which would eventually fuel our growth,” says Keyur.

Hrishee leverages its IT supported infrastructure to undertake forensic audits & revenue analysis that helps organisations to get a clear picture of their financial standpoint and receive real-time feedback that can assist in enhancing the service

Such end-to-end services cannot be envisaged without a CFO’s guidance and this is where HSA steps in to offer the CFO feel, especially to companies that can’t afford to hire one. It leverages its IT supported infrastructure to undertake forensic audits & revenue analysis that helps organisations to get a clear picture of their financial standpoint and receive real-time feedback that can assist in enhancing the service as well as the end customer base. One such support system for forensic investigation helps them delve deeper into the investigation by producing the analytical report once the balance sheet is fed into the system. These services are further strengthened with HSA’s knack to negotiate with banks, in line with the client’s requirements and subsequently creating business instruments which are suitable for their business. Interestingly, several financial organisations deploy HSA's services as well to mitigate their financial anomalies. “We do a due diligence for them so that they can have a systematic screening and get the good client on board,” informs Keyur.

While several advisory firms jostle to grab a piece of the profit pie, HSA adheres to The Blue Ocean Strategy that helps create a new pool of services rather than wasting time & resource competing. This practice ultimately offers the time to walk the talk ofits core mantra 'commitment to quality', and help several
companies gain a new direction in operations and a holistic overview that negates all loop holes. For instance, when the client’s company faces challenges regarding an initial public offer, HSA helps the top management zero in at the most apt market decisions with the help of its pre-IPO advisory services. With the help of its agile business models, the company drafts highly relevant & adept financial plans complementing the customer’s business scenario and improvise as per the need of the hour. A keen analytical eye of the HSA team and a comprehensive set of bench marking exercise (including financial & operational) enables the customers to align their business models with their local as well as global competitors.

Building a Strong Foundation
Annual trainings are a part of the HSA policy where the employees are trained with respect to new industrial practices, novel technology and empathy towards its clients. The employees here help several SMEs craft a vision or insight that might be lacking due to the dearth of experience or funds. This insight is further boosted by international exposure through employee exchange program where its employees from India, Dubai and Hong Kong get an expanded vision of learning. Having grown from scratch, the company believes in continuing an organic growth. Keyur proudly remarks, “We have never advertised ourselves. It’s always the word of mouth and deliverables that speak about us. In fact, we were appointed by the Customer Association of Ahmadabad when GST came in and have often been recommended by bankers as well”. With growth in its favour, HSA is keen on expanding its forensic audit and enhance new regions and business analysis.

Key Management:
Kreyu Shah, Founder & CEO
With an experience spanning almost two decades, Keyur has been instrumental in bringing the financial expertise to HSA.

Services: Debt Advisory & Fund Raising, Project Related Consulting, Business Model, Business Advisory & Financial & Management Advisory

Offices: Ahmedabad, Mumbai & Dubai
Rep.Offices: Bhopal, Pune, New Delhi, Kolkatta, Hong Kong, and London