Ikigai Law: Bridging the Gap Between Legal & Business Objectives

Anirudh Rastogi,Founder
Anirudh Rastogi, Founder

Early generations of tech entrepreneurs will tell from their run-ins with the law that it’s crucial to understand the law and legal best-practices that apply to one’s business: whether structuring founder relationships, investment or business contracts to protecting one’s intellectual property. Legal issues can cost startups and founders money, but sometimes come in the way of survival. We have all heard of stories of founders ousted by investors from their own companies, or consumer startups having to rebrand mid-way because of trademark issues. Seasoned entrepreneurs, therefore scout for law partners who can offer strategic legal advice in line with the business objectives and industry practice. Ikigai Law (formerly TRA Law) is an innovative award-winning startup law firm that will put an end to your search for one.

Renowned for representing technology businesses, investors and startups, this Delhi-headquartered firm works closely with business teams to find
customised legal solutions to problems. “We love working with innovative businesses because we too can be creative in solving their unique problems. For us, innovation is not necessarily a technology-play; it could be a conventional business doing things in an unconventional way,” says Anirudh Rastogi, Founder, Ikigai Law. The company worked with aB2C startup to prepare user-friendly contracts that enabled scalability, as easier contract made it easier and faster to sell a complex new product to an uninitiated audience.

"We love working with innovative businesses because we too can be creative in solving their unique problems"

Ikigai specializes in venture capital transactions, M&A, IPR, policy issues and disputes. The team takes pride in representing clients doing cutting-edge and high-impact work from Udacity (ed-tech), Koinex (cryptocurrency), Stanza (co-living) and Flyrobe (re-commerce) to the Partition Museum. Anirudh and his team have in the past worked with Swiggy (food-tech), Capital Float (fintech), Hyperloop India (transport), Kross Pictures (film production) and Cardekho (e-Commerce). Anirudh advised on Team Indus’ spacecraft launch contract with ISRO, the set-up of India’s first multi-cryptocurrency exchange and some of the very first initial coin offerings by Indian companies.
Solution-Driven Work Attitude
Anirudh’s forte lies in his ability to view the bigger picture of the present-day tech scene and churn-out unique propositions. He has handpicked a team of young professionals with multi-jurisdictional experience, who are passionate about technology. Ikigai’s core competency lies in helping startups in re-thinking, structuring and negotiating their contractual arrangements with customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Working closely with regulatory bodies, Ikigai engages with policy issues at a very early stage, which gives the firm the distinct capability of navigating challenging and ambiguous regulatory environment. It works with policy issues in blockchain, data privacy and drones has been impactful. The company currently leads the litigation in the Supreme Court challenging the RBI ban on cryptocurrency businesses, and the Economic Times recently named Anirudh as ‘pioneer’ in his work in pushing the drones regulations through.

The firm’s secret of staying one step ahead of the competition is it explores industries with promising future early-on, invests time & effort, and develops cutting-edge strategies for them. With a box full of services, Ikigai Law is widening its practice areas and geographical coverage