Inciting Brands: Helping Brands Find Their Fire

 Kishore Manohar & Aravindh Ramachandran,  Founding PartnersIn today’s world, where competition is intense and the business environment innately cynical, brand consultants are playing a crucial role for organizations to build a brand name while creating a unique reputation that keeps consumers and investors loyal. Moreover, branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers, but it also allows customers and clients to know what to expect from a brand. One such company is Incite, a Chennai based brand consultancy that offers advisory and supervisory services to help businesses flourish, while leaving a distinct mark in the industry.

The Dedicated Duo
Founded by Kishore Manohar and Aravindh Ramachandran, Incite is a partnership that holds a legacy of 20+ years in the industry, and with such experience, the firm has accumulated a depth of knowledge that acts as a lever to offer the most effective solutions for their client’s needs. The duo first started with the basics: conceptualizing, thinking, writing and advertising as a means to communicate effectively. After seven years of enjoying that, they never looked back, and with their straight shooting, common sense approach, repositioned themselves as pretty much ‘the GP(General Physician)for Brands’. “Our single minded
focus on developing brand strategies for our client as well as helping them to implement the same in order to attain the best results is what sets us apart,” states Kishore.

Gone are the days when creating a logo and putting-up a website was considered enough to build a brand name. Today, the branding universe is far more evolved and complex. “At Incite, we focus more on creating brands that truly connect and resonate with their audience rather than brands that are merely unique for uniqueness’ sake,” states Aravindh. “For us, branding is a management function, and not just marketing strategies. In fact, there is no place we won’t go within a company’s structure in order to fix our client’s brand!” he adds.

Our single minded focus on developing brand strategies for our client as well as helping them to implement the same in order to attain the best results is what sets us apart

Building Brands
With a belief that a brand is an expectation and expectation is created by consistent reinforcement of customer-facing values, benefits, and promises that are being delivered to the clients, Incite works with business owners right from inception, to value definition and creation of brand identities & operational policies that reinforce brand promises. Apart from that, the firm also excels in rebranding existing brands.

Kishore recalls, “When Apollo Hospitals was looking to brand their school health check efforts, we helped them by creating and running a 360-degree campus health program that utilized all of Apollo’s resources to create a reciprocal benefits program, which as a result is doing far better for students than originally planned”. Today, the program is renowned as the Apollo Shine Foundation, India’s largest student health program which has managed almost 0.5 million student memberships. This clearly shows the effectiveness of Incite’s branding solutions.

With a no-nonsense and when necessary firebrand approach, the firm that detests being associated with ‘marketing’, has built strong, consistent and coherent brands for some of India’s largest companies. From the long list of clientele, Apollo Hospitals, Healthsoft USA, Magnetic, Neuberg Diagnostics, Namma Ooru Global Schools and Croma, are a few that stand out. In the coming years, the firm aims to keep building a reputation as the ‘consultants who do the work’.