Indinese Global: The Global Help For MSMEs

Pratap Ranjan,Founder & Director

Pratap Ranjan

Founder & Director

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant role in the global economy and particularly in our country where MSMEs constitute nearly 94 percent of the industrial enterprises in the economy. The sector contributes 36 percent of the total value of exports of the country and employs over 80 million people. The contribution of the MSME sector to the output of India is 40 percent and to the GDP is over 8 percent. In order to stay on this growth trajectory, MSMEs need to look into some serious parameters that have been of concern lately.

Procurement and global sourcing are either the most underrated or misunderstood factor considered by MSME companies due to lack of right skill in market. Material purchasing is still managed by typically owner or director in the MSME manufacturing segment. Material sourcing has evolved over the years as one of the most demanding of technical skill sets, which are not easily available with MSME manufacturing companies. More so, global sourcing from countries such as China, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, UAE requires strong market outlook and expertise to make it easy, viable and sustainable.

Based out of Noida, Indinese Global is dedicated to help companies obtain the right material at the right price and at the right time, and adopt a more sustainable global supply chain to improve their EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). “We strongly believe, our global exposure will bring a lot of value and make things easier for companies. Moreover, India is slowly becoming a manufacturing hub for the World, and hence global sourcing and supply chain solutions will help ‘Make in India’ concept more viable”, enunciates Pratap Ranjan, Founder & Director, Indinese Global.

Indinese Global Private Limited is the brainchild of Pratap Ranjan. Pratap is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus in Metallurgy and material engineering. Pratap’s firm is supported by a team of professionals, who have worked in Global companies like Tata Motors, GE, Meritor, General Motors, Xeeva, Accenture, Genpact and JLL, serving multiple clients across the globe in various professional assignments. This team realized the gap existing in Indian MSME manufacturing segment with respect to sourcing and supply chain capability. With Pratap’s business acumen and the teams industry knowhow, Indinese Global soon emerged as a one stop solution for global sourcing and consulting requirements from India and other ASIAN countries.

Indinese Global has resolved to address any constraint in supply chain; be it material price, supplier base, technology adoption, supply chain re-engineering, ICT in purchasing, supply chain fulfilment, logistics. Due to its global presence in countries like USA, UAE, China, South Korea and of course INDIA, Indinese tries to find the best source for its clients with respect to price, quality and delivery.

In order to serve the customers end-to-end, Indinese has operations in various divisions.

Global sourcing division:
This division conducts direct sourcing from manufacturers and executes subsequent selling of raw materials like steel round bars, billets, squares, seamless tube, ERW pipe and DOM tube, Aluminium ingots, Zinc alloys and stainless steel tube, bars etc. Indinese buys effectively than MSME manufacturers due to its obviously better leverage on bulk purchase, technical negotiation, and most importantly, wide range of supplier partners in world. The firm also does sourcing of components in engineering commodities like castings, forgings, fasteners, machined parts for tractors, construction equipment, OHV, automotive, Oil & Gas, and any manufacturing companies. Unlike typical traders, Indinese is a technical sourcing team that helps both clients and suppliers to develop components while taking care of quality and all technical aspects.

Supply chain consulting division:
This division provides services in area of cost reduction, process re-engineering, supply finding, supplier evaluation and audit, e-sourcing, negotiations, and fulfilment support etc. Indinese’s team of subject matter experts works with client’s inhouse purchasing team or management team to understand the bottleneck area and
then provide the most viable solution in a quick and affordable way. Often, small to mid-scale companies do not approach big consulting firms fearing the outlandish consulting fee. Indinese addresses this concern with a more competitive and cost effective price model.

Training and capability building division:
This division is headed by an ex-CII consultant carrying a wide experience in training and capability building program for small, medium and large enterprises. Today’s buyers or purchasing managers are not fully trained on aspects like negotiations, supplier pricings, supplier relationship managements, global sourcing, procure-to-pay cycle, financial management, logistics, and export-imports etc. They carry out their operations without having the right skill and knowledge. Indinese’s division for training attempts to bridge the gap in the industry by structural gap analysis, training module both short and long term, onsite & common training programs. The firm has associated with various industry experts who conduct various training and capability training program for lower, middle and higher level professionals. Indinese Global not only provides training, but also accomplishes skill gap fulfilment solutions by helping to recruit right candidates for clients.

Swimming through the Rough Tides: Setting Examples
Over the years, procurement as an industry has thrown several challenges to businesses. Typical procurement spend varies between 40 and 70 percent of companies’ sales turn over. Procurement of material becomes a matter of high sensitivity for companies which deal with sensitive information such as key supplier information, pricing, and confidential trade secrets etc. Hence, procurement consulting is the most challenged area in the industry consultation space. Not for Indinese Global. Indinese has taken adequate measures such as signing of Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and noncompete clause etc, thereby taking a more professional approach while earning clients’ trust.

Pratap informs that Indinese Global prefers to select the area of spend which clients are most comfortable to share with. Once the trust is in place, the Indinese team takes over the other significant spend areas.

Illustrating further about their transparent operations, Pratap adds, “We are as good as any OEM sourcing house with best in class sourcing processes in place. Our sourcing processes are well governed by policies and best practices. It starts with signing off NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with partner suppliers even before sharing of technical documents of clients. Our supplier sourcing program starts with proper evaluation of supplier on quality, delivery and financial aspects. We prefer to work with long term suppliers and manufacturers as our sourcing partners than one-time purchase. More than 95 percent purchasing happens with long term contracted suppliers (LTA suppliers)”.

Procurement service provider market is flooding with a plethora of players who constantly striving to present a unique proposition to the MSME segment. Attracting customers is one thing, but it takes sheer expertise, experience and market grip to truly deliver the comprehensive best. Indinese Global is just not another sourcing and consulting firm. From day 1, the company has strategized to be the best service & product provider by adopting the latest technology, leveraging its global presence and using its technical sourcing strength on manufacturing processes such as Steel technology, Metallurgy, castings, forgings, and machining etc.

Hence, Indinese has categorised its sourcing verticals as per manufacturing process expertise. Each vertical is headed by a techno commercial sourcing expert with academic and professional credentials. Currently, Indinese global is working on a technology platform from USA for buyersupplier market place, supply chain 4.0 and e-sourcing platform.

A Future of Values
Doing perfect justice to its role of a truly global sourcing and supply chain partner, Indinese Global works on the principles of high level of integrity, extreme professionalism and maximum customer delight.

Indinese has taken adequate measures such as signing of non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and non-compete clause etc, thereby taking a more professional approach while earning clients’ trust.

Indinese is also a passionate sourcing professional with wide experience from mid to large sourcing houses in OEM. In association with clients, Indinese Global not only helps in improving their EBIDTA, but also grows its own global business in the most organic manner possible. That’s Indinese Global for you!

What Indinese’s Esteemed Clients Have To Say:

1. Tier 1 JCB Vendor
Turnover- INR 300 Cr
Customer voice: Indinese Global has helped us in complete steel resourcing options. They are highly systematic, transparent and knowledgeable on Steel market dynamics. They have helped us developing alternate options for steel buying and saved us 6% within 2 months. They took care of quality and delivery of the new steel mills. Indinese Global have provided end-to-end solution for our steel sourcing.

2. Construction Equipment OEM.
Tunover- INR 8000Cr.
Customer Voice: Indinese Global have approached us for resourcing of our China sourcing. Initially, we did not believe in their capability. But they turned out to be good and authentic in their approach. They are not only developing our China sourcing program but also helping us finding better supplier base in India for our fabrication commodity.

3. Trading House - Dubai in Oil & Gas sector
Turnover- USD 20Million.
Customer Voice: We found Indinese Global through Linkedin connection. Initially, we tried very simple machining items. Surprisingly their response is highly proactive and technical and timely. They helped us in sourcing of machined castings and a few stainless steel parts from India in a very quick turnaround time. We wish to continue our relationship further.