Innovative Media Services: Quality-Bestowed Services that Boost Business Prospects

Sanjay Singhania, CEO

Sanjay Singhania, CEO

Rising uproars in the ‘online age’ has found much fortune in helping marketers delve deeper into the markets and the minds of customers, carving-out grand opportunities for advertising beyond mere color name-boards today. Rapidly emerging trends in e-Commerce platforms and the parallel evolution of social media flipped traditional retail habits and associated business models to adopting more digitalized swerves of creating brand-images and advertising. However, issues of developing innovative strategized-advertising and achieving experiential branding, hold restraints for advertisers in tackling giant competition. Precisely cracking the code to achieve this has enabled Delhi-based Innovative Media Services (IMS) to be recognized as the only agency with the right bandwidth and competence to provide matchless Retail Branding Solutions PAN India.

Solely aiming at providing exclusive services based on customer choice, pioneering innovative concepts and idealization to enable customers to thrive unrivaled in the market, IMS’
quality-bestowed services include outdoor advertising, retail branding, creative concepts, event management, barter deals and digital marketing. Though the company is present in all the stages of Retail Consulting from ideation, cost analysis to technology amalgamation, it has built its forte in planning and execution. IMS further parades these services over the ‘magic mix of four Ps’ (price, place, product and promotion), followed by refined planning, and thorough research & analysis, so as to arouse interest over client’s brand among potential customers.

"When it comes to creative concepts, IMS always proves its efficacy through out-of-the-box campaigns and ideas depending upon the brand’s USPs and purpose"

Acknowledging the great influence of brand digitalization under the dominance of the World Wide Web & driven by passion to influence perfect market-magnetized (market-friendly) brands with potent expertise in planning and executing projects, the company’s services target the transformation of brands to boost business and drive their sales. Talking on these elaborate services, Sanjay Singhania, CEO, IMS, states, “When it comes to creative concepts, IMS always proves its efficacy through out-of-the-box campaigns and ideas depending upon the brand’s USPs and purpose. The agency moreover works with a brilliant creative team responsible for preparing unique, interesting and sales-driven concepts”.
Distinguished Services & Quality Assurances
Earning its repute by proffering distinguished services, right from becoming a part of the client’s marketing team to handling every situation as a marketing head; the company has nailed the art of revolutionizing its client business. It’s this simple yet sophisticated attitude that has facilitated it to witness more and more brands increasing their trust and volume with IMS. As this attitude of becoming a part of client’s marketing team ascertains that IMS operates with utmost transparency and thus adherence to quality & delivery commitments, it relieves clients from the stress of facing the perpetual challenges of quality, delivery and timelines.

The company executes seamless commitment towards implementing excellent technology amalgamation, planning the entire work under the light of having an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place prioritizing and ensuring security. Framed over the pillars of the hands-on experience of the IMS team and its exclusive proprietary tool for planning the entire work, the company excels at creating the right visuals, words and ideations that generate higher revenue results for its clients.

Established as a company that owned only a few media properties in Kolkata, IMS progressed into an agency expanding its wings across the Northern, Southern and the Western parts of India. Currently diversifying into education and training, IMS currently operates ten institutes, striding further into delivering only the best for its customers.