Inspirational Development Group: Improving Business Performance through Measurable Behavioral Change

Inspirational Development Group(IDG) is the brainchild of Stephen Bennett, a zealous entrepreneur in learning & development space. Having his background in financing and business, he was qualified as a charted accountant. Following this, Stephen joined Lloyd Haskin and took forward his career as head of mergers and acquisitions for the UK and Europe. He also worked as a member of the central management team, where he observed lots of trainers indulging in skill works. The realization of the low lasting impact of business necessitated the training programs, but it was of limited value in terms of a fundamental change of businesses. His interest in people management and leadership incited him to do some thing captivating, stimulating and useful and from this thought come forth IDG in the year 2000. The idea behind this venture was not just to deal with fundamental skill training but also get people to behave congruently with organizational behaviour which would improve the business performance.

The Unprecedented Transformation

The UK based leadership and business performance consultancy have significantly transformed over the years. The company had a huge shift from being UK centric business to a globally approachable business. It is operational in 28 countries around the world. Stephen says "Our major impact comes from international businesses with complex problems. Our core business is to resolve them by triggering behavioural change." He further adds, "The impact of technology is another factor that transformed IDG. Our strength lies in face to face development of people, but we understand and recognize the need to incorporate technology into our services."

The major factor prompting IDG's development is its partnership with Royal Military Academy Sandhurst since 2001. This has allowed them to use the academy grounds and facilities to deliver unique programs. The relationship with RMA
Sandhurst clearly defines the way IDG handles work. "Our programs are business focused, they utilize the entirely transferable behavioural improvement techniques that the military has developed," asserts Stephen.

Stephen believes that the war for talents in the industry is pretty huge and attracting the best people who are most appropriate for the business is a tough task. One of the ways to address this problem would be by providing an environment that makes people feel valued, wanted and happy at work. Understanding this, IDG helps organizations to achieve their strategic goals by improving the behaviour of workers. The company focuses on areas like early career development, commercial excellence, and people analytics. They design and cater bespoke development programs that foray leadership behaviours which in turn delivers measurable benefits to the businesses. It identifies, analyzes and understands the needs and design solutions accordingly.

IDG's programs are business focused; they utilize the entirely transferable behavioral improvement techniques that the military has developed

Eyeing the Brighter Days

IDG has set its footprint in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Nigeria, South Africa, and many others. In 2011 the company started its operation in India and its major clients include international banks, multinational pharmaceutical companies, global engineering conglomerate, and many others. Middle east youth work is depicting significant growth of the company. While providing services for the biggest finance & banking companies in the world, IDG has heavily represented the energy sector too.

The company is looking forward to expanding its operations in fareast countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Indonesia. It is also ready to incorporate upcoming technologies into their training and development programs. Stephens proudly exclaims, "We work among various countries and there are huge cultural differences. Our proficient team consists of internationalists who are culturally aware and understands the needs of individuals."

Putting forward his perspective on learning, Stephen informs, "Our mantra is learning by doing. Learning by practical application is where the future lies. It is a brilliant way of grounding them and it will help them face life."