Jaipur Global Services: Crowning e-Commerce Brand Success with Amplified Sales via 360-Degree Comprehensive Solutions

Shashank Gupta, FounderCommencing a business online and contriving e-profitable success is much more back-breaking than doing it in the brick and mortar world. In-depth knowledge, extensive field experience and right marketing tools are the prerequisites to build a go-to-market strategy for steady and static revenues. Instead of employing expensive trial and error methodologies, hiring an e-Commerce consultant helps in re-planning your current digital commerce solutions. Shashank Gupta, Founder, Jaipur Global Services avers, “Many purveyors are good at their portfolio/category of business, but when it comes to e-Commerce they lack e-selling knowledge and domain requirements. That’s where we step in, understand their businesses and work on their quality, loopholes and inventory by blending technology, expertise and business analytics”.

Etching top-tier consultancy services on multiple e-Commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Shopify & others), Jaipur Global Services(JGS) provides 360-degree comprehensive solutions for technology, marketing, planning and execution of business on these platforms. Since its inception in 2014, JGS handheld small and mid-sized clients from their initial stages and boosted their sales graph by providing innovative, incisive solutions based on market
analysis strategies, eventually positing their brand name on global spectrum. Right from consultation to development and implementation to optimization, this Jaipur-based company excels as an end-to-end partner for successful brand building, thus adding excellence to client’s merchandise.

Right from consultation to development and implementation to optimization, this Jaipur-based company excels as an end-to-end partner for successful brand building, thus adding excellence to client’s merchandise

A Comprehensive Partner
When many spin around digital marketing strategies only, JGS take a quantum leap by offering complete development activities such as web design and development, maintenance, content, SEO, online product listing and other marketing strategies to elevate sales. While the application of this blueprint invites web traffic, management of accounts, logistics, inventory and after-sales services simplifies business supervision by the client and reduces time and cost expenditure. “This leaves them with less handling of manpower and maintenance. This allows them to concentrate on their business improvement while we take care of every thing else,” asserts Shashank.

Knowing that Jaipur craft and semi-precious jewels are famous worldwide, the company provides a strong platform for furniture, apparel and craft category retailers to
forecast their products on-line. It leverages avant-garde technology like automated system for accounting and inventory management. This software links with the template and deducts the errors automatically to save time. For inventory management, it utilizes synchronizing tool to sink client’s warehouse with JGS’ system and provides real-time data that helps in retaining end customers in times of delays. Additionally, JGS team also offers innovative solutions for advertising, product development, design and marketing.

Promising Prospects
Deploying no poker path for sales improvement, this ISO 9001:2015 certified company adheres to all e-Commerce certifications and maintains transparency while servicing customers, a compliance also followed by retailers during online distribution process. Since return and replacement of high-end bulk products becomes a costly affair, the company advices its retail clients to tie-up with local vendors for product repairs and improvements.

With an annual revenue growth in double digits and scaling client’s sales in the same integer, JGS has secured its position among the top five sellers on Amazon, collaborated as their global partner for Amazon Global and joined hands with Itsy for an upcoming project. The company owns prestigious clients in India, France and Singapore and has tie-ups with North America and Canada warehouses to amplify global servicing support with minimal cost outlay. “We want to give quality services to clients and launch best of the best services in the field. A lot of e-Commerce channels are upcoming where we will be a strong competition to many,” signs off Divya.