JJ Consultants: Facilitating Experienced Candidates to International Clients

Pradeep Kumar Padhi,Founder & CEO

Pradeep Kumar Padhi

Founder & CEO

We all love superman, but then there are companies who prefer humans over supermen who are multi-talented. These companies are skeptic about hiring workers who often switch their job or whose career appears to lack focus. And finding nicely talented professionals is a Herculean task. But Coimbatore-based JJ Consultants is one such professionally managed manpower firm that sends only specialized candidates for recruitment. For instance: if there is an opening for CNC PROGRAMMER, the company will shortlist only those resumes which showcase working experience wholly in PROGRAMMING. Additionally, it bids candidates to show entire details about their previous /on-going job related to programming (neglecting extra information) including organization name, work experience, role & responsibilities, software used, reporting head, CTC and client names in job profile, thereby making selection process easy for employer.

From a data entry operator to founding JJ (Jai Jagannath) Consultants, Pradeep Kumar Padhi has worked in companies like Cognizant has turned the recruitment table in his favor through his exclusive focus on fixing the best managing. He holds
a host of responsibilities, starting
from resume selection to preliminary interview, and serves both aspiring candidates and hiring organizations (Domestic & International) from verticals like Mechanical, BPO, IT, Electrical & Electronics, Manufacturing, Automobile, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Construction and others.

" This customer-centric firm deploys only certified applicants at employer site and works in partnership with clients to tender them first class solutions for their manpower requirements"

Distinct Approach
Unlike others, the company designs resumes based on client’s requirement, sends them for evaluation and schedule interview(SKYPE/Telephonic)of shortlisted aspirants. Each job profile is carefully examined by Pradeep himself who concentrates on genuinity of candidates’ qualification, experience, and technical & personal(conduct practical/oral tests) attitude. Once the candidates clear their preliminary interview, they are forwarded straight to employer’s HR department in India and respective consultants at offsite for further rounds. This in-turn gives employers the confidence and satisfaction to the client as the proposed candidates are personally screened by experienced hands. “We are very specific about resume format and whenever I speak to any aspirant, I urge them to first prepare their job profile in the specific format,” adds Pradeep.

Dedicated to offer highest quality of customer service delivered in accordance with employer satisfaction, the company provides selected candidates the essential training (CNC programming, VMC
Programming, Conventional Machinist, Mould Making/Designing, All Mechanical related job) with the aid of training institutes and its consultant associates. Going forward, if chosen aspirates find difficulties while working at client place due to the advancement of technology, JJ Consultants not only encourages & upgrades their skill set but also render backup to the employer and once applicant is ready, send them back. This customer-centric firm deploys only certified applicants at employer site and works in partnership with clients to tender them first class solutions for their manpower requirements.

What sets JJ Consultants apart from rest is its rigorous background verification process wherein it scans applicants’educational certificates and their passport & visa with respective embassy just to ascertain documents originality along with visa backlist and rejection, if any. It takes around one month to ascertain that no loophole is left open while doing verification. To double check the truthfulness of applicants, the company upholds tie ups with Placement Consultants at Selangor, Malaysia. The Company also doing recruitment for Dubai, Sharjah and other countries that perform verification process by the local placement consultants of deployed candidates. Once all the documents are successful examined, it grants employment contract in association with employer. This distinctive feature has helped the company to earn huge clients and applicants from references. Growing at a rate of 40 percent, JJ Consultants aims to enter European countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and is already in talks with few Indian recruiters in Singapore.