Joy Greens: Providing End-to-End Landscaping Solutions, including Designing, Execution & Maintenance

Jyotsna Krishna,Founder & Chairman
Jyotsna Krishna, Founder & Chairman

Bangalore is ranked 6th amongst the top cities in India with 50 lakh two wheelers that emit high level of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This clearly shows the need for various landscape solutions that can alleviate gaseous exhaust from vehicles, enhance carbon sequestration and reduce carbon footprint. Closely understanding this, Jyotsna Krishna (Founder & Chairman) formed Joy Greens that not only renders wide range of landscape solutions for corporate, commercial, and residential projects, but also bestows organic farm consultation & execution, and terrace gardening.

Unlike other agriculture firms that fail to provide complete solution due to shortage of skilled labourers, this 2016 debuted company takes-up a culmination of designing, execution and maintenance with huge professionalism. Even though Joy Greens doesn’t have many laborers on salary, it can render a large labor force at the drop of a hat. “Providing end-to-end solutions for a client is what Joy Greens believes in. Be it vertical garden or organic farming or avenue planting, we cover all. But we derive maximum satisfaction from
organic farming where we follow-up on the plants for over a period of five years and see them grow,” professes Jyotsna.

"The technical knowledge of Jyotsna aids Joy Greens to inculcate international standard designs and deliver unique & customized planting concepts"

The technical knowledge of Jyotsna (B.Tech in Horticulture, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore and Landscape Design, Dalhousie University, Canada) aids Joy Greens to inculcate international standard designs and deliver unique & customized planting concepts such as Japanese gardens or creating wholesome pot garden at affordable cost. Apart from proffering layout avenue planting and urban forestation, the firm promotes a combined planting method – planting more than one seasonal vegetable with planned fruit orchards that provide seasonal fruits. Thus, ensuring higher financial growth of the farm for several coming years. On the other hand, S. Hariharan (CEO) played a significant role in grabbing first corporate client for Joy Greens, after which the company never looked back and acquired huge clientele base through word-of-mouth publicity.

Distinct Approach
This bootstrap-firm delivers project quotation only after site visit & analysis, wherein directionality, availability of the Sun, building structures and physical characters like soil structure, microclimate and water availability are examined. Post this, design process, client discussion on price and execution take place as per final work order.
Enhancing customer experience, Joy Greens bestows high-quality garden accessories, seating, water bodies and statues sourced from trusted vendors as part & parcel of its work. It also deploys self-timed drip irrigation system and recreates an edible garden as a vertical garden with minimal water & space usage to provide an aesthetic appearance. “Our pricing model is based on man hours of work put into design & supervision of the agricultural field rather than square feet. We don’t believe in cheap and best concept, quality over price is our motto,” states Hariharan.

Its dynamic team of labors not only delivers assigned project on time, but also works toward a greener future by promoting plants that alleviate gaseous exhaust from vehicles or factories, increasing the carbon sequestration and reducing their own carbon footprint. From merely Rs.1.5 lakh turnover per year, Joy Greens currently reaps Rs.17 lakh in turnover. The firm that encourages budding talent is an active member of Business Network International and endeavors to acquire more commercial & corporate projects and expand its base to Coimbatore. “We are also looking forward to build a team in order to deal with post-execution maintenance, so that we can really call ourselves a one-stop-solution for all landscape needs,” concludes the duo. For her incredible service towards humanity using natural method of farming, Jyotsna will be felicitated this December by ‘Nutrition & Natural Health Sciences Assocation’ at Delhi.