KAG Factors: Delivering Superlative Bespoke Capital Advisory Solutions through Domain Proficiency

Anoop George,Founding PartnerIt’s no epiphany that although the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a pivotal role in India’s socio-economic development by contributing in the manufacturing output, employment and exports, its stature is still doomed mainly due to the lack of credits from banks and cut throat competition from the MNCs alongside the subsequent corollary. Neither the Government schemes nor the private sector fund raising could cease this prolonged tale of unfortunate paradox.

Rising above this maladroit multifaceted rally in the consulting realm, Chennai-based KAG Factors, leverages its 10 years of market expertise & specialization in MSME consulting sector to empower MSMEs either by defining every strategic direction or simply serving as an additional pair of hands for outsourced work. Since its inception in 2010, KAG has unsurprisingly grown to be a prominent corporate advisory group by engaging with more than 250 business houses in the region.

Whenever MSMEs/Mid- corporates falter in raising fund, KAG engages its seasoned in-house team of professionals comprising typically of robust finance experts and ex-bankers who are conditioned regularly with the permuting industry trends. Subsequently comprehending clients’ requisites, the first level of scrutiny is done by this in-house team of mixed management experts, which assures the proposal to be complete & well presented, thereby easing the decision making in the institution side. The firm deploys its best advisors to represent its clientele and their proposals at different financial institutions in the best possible manner. “We have a fairly robust and experienced team who are typically ex-bankers and finance professionals so we are able to advise our clients better and represent them much better,” affirms Abraham Marrate, Partner - KAG Factors.

Configuring Debts & Equity
Although it embodies a protracted domain expertise ranging from automobiles to chemicals, capital goods to technology and hospitality to waste management, KAG excels in Infrastructure & the Real-estate space, and built its forte in structured debts under transaction /financial advisory. Comprehending companies
forage for cost-effective consulting solutions, KAG delivers proficient solutions across Financial Consulting, Debts & Equity, Business Development, CFO Assistance and many more at a nominal cost.

KAG deploys its best advisors to represent its clientele and their proposals at different financial institutions in the best possible manner

Although equity infusion is like adrenaline rush which energises the business scaling to new levels, without proper debt structuring, paying debts would be exceedingly challenging in today’s market. However, whether it is a significant growth opportunity through acquisition/merger or de-risking personal capital or net-worth diversification, KAG brings its business sense and deep sectoral experience to address them all. Its clear understanding of the market and offerings of different financial institutions, facilitates KAG to match the clients’ requirements with these institutions’ appetite in terms of industry or in terms of ticket pricing. Furthermore, even though the infra space comprises of large high value projects, it is star-crossed with massive equity gap. This is exactly where team-KAG comes in and offers promotes funding, NCD placements and Mezzanine Debt. in order to bridge the equity gap. “Whether it is fresh debt or re-financing, we bring to the table the in-house value addition that shows them a constant cost advantage not only from a structuring point of view but also in terms of time frame of delivery,” affirms Abraham.

Business Development Paradigm
With equity in the primal bracket, the company adds complimentary targets like Business Development, Virtual CFOs and CFO Assist as a tie up in the same bracket supervised by separate professionals. For instance, despite the dire fund requirement, most MSMEs /Starups do not appreciate sharing key roles with foreign investing allies. Further, even though these enterprises have top-notch sales teams with skill sets and capabilities to pursue new business opportunities, most of them seem to pursue only immediate opportunities and often don’t have the bandwidth to concentrate on building new pipeline. To sublime this predicament, KAG works closely with clients contemplating the need for a dedicated Business Development functionality which articulates complex messages to senior executives, utilise advanced sales prowess &
methodologies, and eventually devise & deploy the requisite target account plans in conjunction with top management.

Moreover, supplementing the Business Development paradigm, KAG engages ‘India Entry Services’ wherein the firm aids overseas companies who are looking to develop their businesses across geography and establish business partnerships in India by assisting them in identifying partners, market research & services, shaping strategies and so forth.

The Robust Line-up
Delivering superlative bespoke solutions based on its domain expertise and insights in capital rising & advisory, the firm has emerged as a thought leader providing out-of-the-box solutions in the contemporary complex business paradigm. Predominantly covering MSMEs, KAG accomplishes 500 Crores syndications every year, and envisages procuring twofold on the current statistics by 2020. In a pervaded orbit of over 700,000 consulting firms virtually operating across all aspects of business globally, KAG Factors stands out as a paragon of professional proficiency in targeted bespoke panaceas.

Key Management:
Anoop George, Founding Partner
Anoop works closely with several corporate boards, investors, creditors and senior management on developing business strategies and maximising shareholder value leveraging his 25+ years of experience.

Abraham Marrate, Partner
With over 20+ years of institutional Business Developments background from industries like telecom, finance & insurance, Abraham has driven client acquisitions by building multiple business accretion channels. As KAG he focuses on client acquisition and strategic partnerships.

Senior Advisors:
  • Narayanan M – Banking Transaction Advisory
  • Madan N – Real Estate Transaction Advisory
  • Dharmarajan R – Infra Transaction Advisory
  • Ramamurthy Thotapalle – Trading Transaction Advisory
  • Anjan Cariappa – Media & Branding Advisory
  • Taroor Parameswaran T –FMCG Advisory
  • Sanjiv G Pallikal-Strategic Advisory
  • Capt. Satish Chandra - Risk Advisory

  • Offerings:
  • Debts & Equity Syndication
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • India Entry Services
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Advisory

  • Head Office: Chennai