Kingsmen India: Crafting Immersive & Lasting Brand Experiences

Pooja Kapoor,Director

Pooja Kapoor, Director

Owing to the digital revolution that has engulfed our lives, an increasing number of consumers are turning to online sources for shopping. This has propelled physical retail stores to focus on creating fascinating store experiences to delight customers and increase footfall. An expert at conceptualizing and executing immersive brand experiences, Kingsmen India is a provider of comprehensive suite of services for communication design and production. Founded in 1997, the Indian counterpart of the Kingsmen Group, Kingsmen India has been a pioneer in creating brand experience in India, ranging from design, exhibitions, retail, thematic/museums, and events.

“We are a team of professionals trained to handle the retail experience of brands, globally and have developed more than 50 Pilot concept stores for global brands since 2010,” says Pooja Kapoor, Director, Kingsmen India. Having delivered over 200,000 sq.ft. per annum, Kingsmen has worked with brands such as Skechers, Titan, Lenskart, Apollo Tyres, Maruti Nexa, Luxotica, Bvlgari, Tag Heuer, Burberry, Forever 21, H&M, BMW, and Piaggio.

Delivering Quality in India
In today’s age, brands are not just
focused on selling products but seek to cultivate brand experience too. However, lack of quality and no attention to detail while executing projects poses a critical challenge. Additionally, Indian counter parts of global brands often fail to adapt to global standards. This is where Kingsmen India steps-in. “In several cases, we have been called upon to take over projects which were stalled earlier due to lack of service orientation in the market,” explains Dhruva Kapoor, Director Kingsmen India.

"In several cases, we have been called upon to take over projects which were stalled earlier due to lack of service orientation in the market"

Kingsmen India leverages its dedicated division, which creates unique offerings for the retail and corporate environment to keep pace with the changing demands of customers. Armed with a dedicated prototyping team, the company has been delivering value to brands by adapting and creating designs to meet end-to-end rollout needs. Leveraging the same, it has successfully completed highly engaging experience centres for Jaquar, Apollo Tyres and Lodha Group, among others.

Kingsmen India also has production facility of 80,000 sq.ft. area spread across Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Patna. Additionally, a PAN India vendor base for logistics, installations, local labour, contracting support and civil vendors has strengthened Kingsmen India's delivering capabilities.

Diverse Team Strengthening Foundation
Adept at delivering exceptional quality and service, the Kingsmen India team consists of highly trained architects, designers, project managers and supervisors. Armed with global expertise, the company is equipped and trained to deliver Kingsmen’s global standards and exceptional experience.

There is a lot of emphasis on staying updated with upcoming trends and technologies in retail, and Kingsmen India has various knowledge partners who regularly train the team. Additionally, semi annual training at Kingsmen headquarters in Singapore focus on aspects such as quality, design-based thinking, technology and project management.

Building Tech Enabled Retail Solutions
Having identified the vital role played by technology in the industry, Kingsmen India has developed interactive solutions for the retail market. The company is looking to launch a platform to make these services available to other clients. Kingsmen India is also building a mega-factory in Noida, which will be one-of-its-kind providing brands the opportunity to get design and prototype support along with interactive technology, all under one roof. The company is also focusing on design and design development for experiences and retail stores as another growth driver. With a strong team and innovative solutions, Kingsmen India is gradually climbing the ladder to become the most trusted service provider for global brands by 2020.