KTGY INDIA: A Dynamic Mix of Architects, Planners, Dreamers and Doers

Rohit Anand & Swaroop Agaskar,Principal & Studio Director

Rohit Anand & Swaroop Agaskar

Principal & Studio Director

In today’s contemporary world, architecture is not just restricted to following the prevalent trends of building a commercial or a residential structure. It has evolved to become a pursuit of constantly redefining the trends, incorporating the latest technology to enhance the experience of the inhabitants. With shifting demands, the complexity of the designs has also increased. A modern residential project would comprise of villas, apartments, club houses, shops and at times even office areas. Each of these components demands a unique design and has requirements which vary from one another, but, at the same time have to be in sync with each other to create a great experience. Thus, it is fair to say that most prevalent trend is to break away from the norm and create an outstanding piece of architecture. Keeping up with this objective, KTGY Architecture + Planning, a leading architect for residential and mixed-use development was set up in the year 1991. Since 2010, principals Rohit and Smita Anand have been running the firm’s Tysons office (Washington, D.C. area).The Anands are from India, having met while students at the Indian Institute of Technology. Both,Rohit and
Smita Anand went on to complete their Master’s degree in the United States; Smita at UCLA and Rohit at Virginia Tech.

While making careers in the United States, the Anands always valued and loved India, visiting family often, and remaining involved with issues important to India. Firm leaders acknowledged that there is an educated talent pool in India that would be most capable of being part of KTGY and its culture of high-quality architecture. In 2014, Rohit spearheaded the KTGY India office, expanding the firm’s work from the U.S. to India. Having a great deal of experience and success in the United States, KTGY had that support to draw on when setting up the firm’s Pune office.“At KTGY, we offer full-service architecture to clients, right from initial design concept through opening day of the built development. We want to be able to share with our clients both in India and the United States, a global perspective, bringing them the latest design thinking and technical excellence to their real estate developments,” says Rohit Anand, Principal, KTGY INDIA.

An international full-service architecture and planning firm, KTGY is renowned for delivering innovation, artistry and attention to detail across multiple offices and studios, ensuring that the clients and communities get the best, no matter the building type or location. The firm offers full-service design and construction documentation services for residential and a mix of uses found in a vibrant community. KTGY is skilled and experienced in delivering complex projects with a mix of uses. When working with KTGY, the clients have the benefit of architecture staff located both in India and in the United States.
The firm has the technology for the United States and Indian studios to work seamlessly together for a result that includes the best that KTGY has to offer to its customers.

KTGY has been awarded over 500 design awards in its 25-year history. In 2016, the firm also bagged two Grand Awards and one Award of Merit in the Design and Architecture category at the Great American Living Awards (GALA), a program that recognizes innovative and well-designed projects. Proud about the success of KTGY, Smita Anand says, “KTGY is different. We combine a depth of experience from one of the top architecture firms in the United States with the local skills and talent of the architects in our Pune office. KTGY offers a full range of design services, including construction documentation, thus ensuring its clients the benefits of an international perspective.” KTGY’s architects and planners combine big picture opportunities, modern sustainable practices and impeccable design standards to help create developments of enduring value.

Concluding the interaction, Rohit says, “At our heart, we offer quality architecture from visualization through opening day, for complex projects. Residential development, quality of life and the current trends in living are our top strengths. We believe in our team which is committed to an excellent working relationship between the United States and India offices, offering clients the foremost in design and technical excellence. We work with the vision to ‘Move the Discourse of Architecture Forward by Continuously Searching for Better’, and in the years to come, we will continuously strive to work towards this.”