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Pavan Sriram, Founder & CEO

Pavan Sriram

Founder & CEO

The need for learning engagement has never been more urgent. Organizations of all sorts realize that to survive in today's VUCA world they need adequate skills and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past. Corporate learning heads and CXOs have been increasingly becoming conscious of ROI and how training impacts business outcomes in especially behavioral skills. Except feedback sheets, most organizations don't do much to measure this on the job and the trainers don't have enough resources and tools at all times. Even some of the well-known training organizations focus only on class room training and corporates did not have a way to translate training into application of learning. This seemed to be an alarming gap by Pavan Sriram. Having worked in HR, EdTech and global training organisations for over 18 years, Pavan Sriram sensed an urgent need to address this by setting up Learngage in early 2017.

With relentless pursuit of learner engagement and continuous measurement, the team at Learngage works closely with their clients and partners to ensure that strategic training efforts are actually driving behavioral change, and provides a mechanism for the continued refinement, and improvement of strategic learning initiatives. Fundamentally, it is all about transforming training into learning on the job with a combination 'of'
technology, people (be it trainers or mentors) and a well-established process with consistent touchpoints. "We are also addressing the area of measurement of learner effectiveness and training efficiency through assessments, microlearning, and metrics," he asserts.

Set up as a 'Fitbit' for learning, we believe our strong focus on post training learner engagement helps deliver measurable business outcomes

Over the years, Pavan and his team at Learngage have worked with over 50 clients across award-winning startups, customer-centric organizations and global MNC's covering over 15,000 employees, pan India. They have successfully demonstrated value in setting up learning CoEs, consulting and assessments in leadership development, team building, trainings in customer service, sales, and communication skills in 40+ competencies. He informs, "While we have several employees and client testimonials to actually prove our training interventions work be it in IT, retail or engineering, we have helped organizations realize the value of their training investments with a significant increase of 2X in terms of training effectiveness. Be it a startup or a Fortune 100, our approach has always been a full-fledged platform services model coupled with post-training engagement and 360* assessments."

Transforming Learning into Change
Learngage is known to bring together leaders in the fields of learning, assessment, measurement, and change management who know how to combine innovative technologies with performance improvement methodologies. The company houses a team of experts who have worked in large corporates and have successfully run businesses in the talent management, assessment, education and professional development space as enterprise partners and CXOs for over three decades. "Taking a leap ahead of traditional training only solution providers, we have worked with over 300 CXOs across industries as participants and stakeholders, 60 percent of who are repeat customers" he avers.

The team's future growth strategy is likely to center around further adoption of technology and strengthening analytics for learner engagement on the job. Pavan adds, "We are committed to building the next generation of leaders and millennials who can showcase revenue impact on learning interventions greatly enhancing both the return on the investment in training, and the ability to prove this return."