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Rama Krishna,Co-Founder & Director

Rama Krishna

Co-Founder & Director

We at ProventusHR believe, people learn best through experiences, exploring, creating, connecting and interacting with the world and each other, not through sitting and looking at slides! ~ RK

Talent is by far the only competitive edge companies hold in todays market if they are eager to strengthen their competitive spot and position themselves for the future together with the employees. In order to thrive in this new age of revolution, companies require being proactive in learning new skills, and continuously adapting to new disruptive VUCA world. In other words, companies should embrace a learning culture and literally never stop learning. Over the last two decades, there has been significant innovation and development in technology led learning platforms however, such learnings have not been instrumental in resulting behaviour change.

"We learn not because we are being taught or because we must learn to succeed, but we learn largely by going through an experience and by then reflecting on that experience. Only when we reflect on the situation, its context and the resulting impact of the behaviour, can we analyse what worked well and what did and prevented success and identify points of change which must be adopted to bring a change in the outcomes," speaks Rama Krishna aka RK, Founder, ProventusHR.

RK believes that the market has tremendous scope for contributions to be made in bringing about positive behaviour change. The market is largely underserved or served by service providers with little ability to bring about this change. Also, for clients, there is tremendous value addition from bespoke services organizations that they recognize and strives to be able to bring in customised learning vehicles that act as catalysts in adult learning and help the client managers augment the capabilities of their teams. "Employee Learning & Development is not just a need of the organization to continuously improve their services, products and offerings to the customers and stakeholders, it is a key employee benefit that the organizations must offer to keep their employees engaged, motivated, upskilled and retained productively," he says.

Proventus means Success in Latin and this is how the company perceives its strengths in partnering for improving client's future and strengthening their processes. ProventusHR provides organisations with complete talent solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk.

"At ProventusHR, we understand your possibilities of tomorrow. We work diligently to facilitate our clients on how to use our range of services to their best advantage," mentions Manu.

The Genesis

ProventusHR is the brainchild of RK and Manu Arora who bring in a richHR & Learning leadership experience of 20 years each, experience across multiple industries and HR & OD functions. The duo has worked together as colleagues during their stint with Tata Consultancy Services in 2000-2001. Sometime in 2016, both of them coincidentally decided to pursue their entrepreneurial journeys. The idea was to set up a company to provide unique service offerings in an area of opportunity that the market had a clear demand for. Having worn various hats in the corporate L&D space and corporate and business HR domains, RK and Manu were well-aware of the limitations and the real time challenges encountered by business leaders in having the right levels of capabilities to move and grow the organizations in the right direction. They leveraged their robust experience in organizational and people capability development and decided to venture out with solutions in the L&D and HR advisory space. This marked the beginning of ProventusHR.

Bringing in highly engaging and effective learning methodologies to enable truly immersive learning that could be retained and practiced long term by professionals was the need of every organization and a potentially big market to address. ProventusHR came to the rescue to take these unique offerings to the organizations needing a fundamental shift in its people processes and behavioural capabilities. One of their key offering is REEL|Life, using Movie Reviews as a methodology ProventusHR brings the world's best, award winning story tellers to do Immersive Reflective ‘Storytelling'.

They also leverage prototyping and computer simulations #Gamification for experiential learning in enhancing capabilities for organizational growth through leadership effectiveness,Sales maximization, resource utilization, stakeholder and people management.

Going by the organizational structure, RK carries the designation of Behavioural Agronomist. He says, "My visiting card carries 'Behavioural Agronomist' as my role. This comes from our firm belief that the seed has the power within. All that seed needs to grow is right interventions at right times in the environment, like agriculture."

The Silver Lining

The road to success is not a bed of roses. Like every startup, ProventusHR has had a very exciting journey with its own share of challenges - be it creating a niche for the uniqueness of offerings, building a customer base and the master of all challenges or financial comfort. With a broad based HR and OD experience, initially the company began offering a host of diverse HR offerings but they soon realised that the customers were unable to get a clearmessage of what was the market differentiator for ProventusHR. Diving deep into this helped them figure out the two priority areas Learning Advisory and
HR Advisory. Since then, they have focused on strengthening these two verticals and delivered highly impactful bespoke solutions to their customers. "We remember the frequent feelings of frustration during the initial three quarters of ProventusHR when we were not able to crack a deal through anyone of our business contacts in the wide corporate world. We got several opportunities to go for alternate assignments that would have fulfilled our financial needs but may have completely diluted our brand and credibility of our core belief. We continued to maintain focus on building awareness of the offerings of the brand and then just when we gave ourselves just another 3 months, came the first account in a services startup, looking for establishing their organizational vision, mission and values with a committed leadership code. What happened next is history! says RK.

ProventusHR is a team of highly experienced HR and business professionals. The goal of the team is to offer the best and most contextual bespoke solutions for a long term sustainable benefit to the client organizations. This has led them to evolve their portfolio to offer a range of solutions that help the customers build organizational capabilities through process and learning initiatives. The team is entirely focused on providing unique experiential learning platforms enabling long term applicability and translation to real life situations. Throwing light on the same, Manu asserts, "We partner with very focussed learning organizations. Organizations that keep focus on learning methodologies are those that help people learn and grow by putting learning to practice in the real world."

Proventushr has successfully engaged with new customers continuously and consciously de-risking its portfolio

The company has successfully engaged with new customers continuously and consciously de-risking its portfolio.In HR advisory, it ensures to offer giving the highest quality output with simple and easily deployable and measurable solutions. "We focus on the ‘Best-Fit' and not just `Best in Class'. Since all of our solutions are bespoke, having a good understanding of the business and challenges our customers face in their ecosystems has helped us in gaining an insiders perspective," he adds.

The Road

Ahead As a bespoke advisory company, ProventusHR works with partners and associates who are very passionate about and understand the need for a high impact work for customers. At present, the company has presence across Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Chennai and Hyderabad and is looking at expanding to other locations in India. "We have been working towards establishing a footprint in the Singapore market for the last few months and see that as a window to the ASEAN marketplace for our growth," says RK.

The company has won the Most Innovative L&D Service offering Award by the HR Council of India for its Leadership Mastery Journey Intervention. It has recently launched 'Search & Select'(Talent Acquisition Advisory) vertical under the leadership of Vivek Singh from this financial year. The team is likely to incubate this vertical and expect it to ramp up significantly in Digital Talent Space.

"Over the last years, we have been proud to have been associated with 50+ well known customers, many of them from the Fortune 100 list across 15 industry segments. This is a testament to the bespoke work we do, in that we are able to transcend the industry specific boundaries of process and capability requirements," he smiles.

Rama Krishna (RK)

RK has over 22 yrs of experience in HR leadership, OD, HR consulting, facilitation, leadership coaching & change management. He is an alumnus of national defence academy, and has an MBA in HR from ims, indore. He has worked across leading organisations such as TCS, jpmorgan chase, jet airways, ESSAR, BPL mobile, NRB bearings, and believes his cross industry exposure helps him add critical value to assignments.RK is known to be innovative people leader. He has facilitated over 20000 leaders across industries, markets and management levels.

He is an exponent of Reel|life , movie review based experiential learning methodology.

Manu Arora, Co-Founder

Manu has 20 years of rich and diverse experience in global business environments in a variety of functional and business HR leadership roles. Manu has extensive experience in helping organizations set up business lines and people strategy and build employer brands in the markets to create a robust talent pool. He has worked at tata consultancy services in global business and regional roles in india international locations, after which he headed the human resources partner function for global business lines at nokia siemens networks. Manu was the global head of HR at nucleus software, a leading it product organization and has also led HR globally in the real estate industry at

Bespoke Interventions

•Leadership Mastery Series-Six Nine month duration, Development journeys for leadership teams in a large global bank.

•There is an Elephant in the Room-Breaking Bias - A critical intervention for overcoming Bias for all people managers.

•LEAD AGILE- Workshop based on "Agile Leadership'

•Leadership Lessons from Movies-A series of workshops for Officers of Indian Navy, Indian Army, IRS Probationers,Organisations, on Leadership, Values and Ethics.

•Women EmPOWER- A Unique approach to Diversity & Inclusion

•Managerial Effectiveness-A program to equip the participants with the right skills, knowledge and insights to move up the leadership ladder for a Leading Transnational

•Brand You-A 3-stage personal branding journey for Senior Executives in preparation of their future roles

•Stakeholder Management-An exciting 2 stage journey for Senior Leadership Team

•Vision-Mission-Values-exercise for a range of organisations

•Ethical Intrapreneurship-A unique experiential workshop for Changing Mindsets in a Pan India Key Account Management team for a Leading Indian MNC.

•Annual Strategy Conclaves-For Leadership Teams

•Team Building Offsites-For a number of our clients. We specialise in experiential activities that are fun to do, and yet leave a deep impression of learning objectives amongst the participants.