Macroscan Management Solutions: Strategic Partner in IT Governance

Jijil Kumar MJ,  Founder & Managing Director
Jijil Kumar MJ
Founder & Managing Director

Kerala - based Macrosan Management Solutions was ideated by a group of highly trained professionals in order to provide IT consulting and advisory dedicated to business leaders on a global manner. “Business strategic management is one of our core services. We are an 8 year old company which has branded itself as professional service provider(PSP). Over the years we have partnered and associated with multiple business groups both in India and abroad. We are growing geogra-phically and has presence in leading metros in India and in UAE”, says Jijil Kumar MJ, Founder & Managing Director, Macroscan Management Solutions.

Why Macroscan?
The company helps its clients to concentrate on their core operations which are undoubtedly their strengths in the market. It involves itself as strategic partners to those businesses and provides consultancy services on the grounds of IT governance
according to the needs of the client. The relentless efforts from the highly talented team members of the company gives the clients the assurance and safety on the grounds of financial support services, compliance requirements and information management at varied levels of inhouse and external stake-holders.

"With 25 people in the team now, Macroscan has achieved a YOY growth of 400 percent since the last five years"

“We add value to the client’s business by measuring the functional testing quality, technical testing quality; product perfor-mance level and the people performance level. We collaborate with the client to take their business to the next level. We deliver the services at affordable cost rather than being a committed cost to the company. Our senior management is well approachable for guidance in varied domains of businesses. Out team members will associate with you as one family while maintaining the TIPS – Transparency, Integrity, Professionalism, and Sustain-ability,” states Jijil.

Jijil thinks that a good business strategy is the base ingredient and imperative for a successful business. This is the reason why the management team at Macroscan engages themselves as strategic partners with client businesses in order to fully get involved with the processes and find solutions accordingly. He
asserts, “The collective experience of the team in various business verticals with more than 20 years of global experience in best practices will complement to achieve its business objective through value added services. Our Team enables business leaders to deal with rapidly changing economic and competitive environments, shifting customer demands and priorities, and restructuring for future growth. Our expertise in multiple business domains ensure that value added services are well integrated and managed to deliver competitive advantage in the market. A quality deliverable to the customer with sustainable service offerings will make sure that business objectives are met with customer loyalty. We practice this as part of our service offering.”

Looking at the Future
Having functioned in the industry for almost a decade now, Macroscan has come a long way with its services based on chartered accountancy and IT governance. With 25 people in the team now, the company has achieved a YOY growth of 400 percent since the last five years. Expressing the future plans about the company, the founder concludes, “We are developing our own teams because we want to provide onsite and offsite training matching with the requirements of the clients. We will be moving towards an integrated platform wherein the latest technologies like AI and Block chain will provide the business solutions.”