Manav Sachdev Design: Wizards Crafting Timeless Brand Imageries

 Manav Sachdev, Founder & Creative Director

Manav Sachdev

Founder & Creative Director

Buyers today look-out for visual comfort in packaging designs. Hence, a dainty packaging for even a daily commodity can make one to believe that it’s a tasteful buy for sure. If you are searching for branding designs to curve the grandeur for your brand, Manav Sachdev Design(MSD) is a domain expert in crafting luxury unique visuals using zany art forms in reciting your brand stories. Be it promoting a startup or representing big brands, the designs are born to put together a mood board for the consumers which are hard to forget.

Life in 21st century is increasingly dependent on visual; thus, branding today is not just about getting a logo for a brand, but creating an experience and to craft a brand journey. Many clients come to MSD to find a brand name or to find a strong visual identity for their product or other bouts. MSD is equipped to address every client need on demand. It has forte in creating impactful visual identity and brand story by offering services like brand naming, visual identity, luxury packaging design, conceptualizing brand strategy, marketing visual communication and powerful illustrations. Manav’s artworks have also been featured in platforms like India today, The Mint and Pioneer.

MSD’s contemporary graphic looks contributed by choices over joyful color palette, fetched numerous awards time-to-time. The company has developed expertise in luxury brand identity & packaging design
and catered to industries across categories like beauty & cosmetics, food & beverage, fashion, and many more. MSD has worked with many known national & international brands and also helped many startups, which has earned it a trusted client base including Shahnaz Husain, Super Smelly, Ombre Lane, Entisi Chocolates, Mama Organic Herbs, The Earth Collective, Lashkaraa, and more.

Being the pioneer in entailing brand imagery, Manav proceeds with two verticals in mind; first is to survey the market, and second is to research elements for concept building.

Investigating New Possibilities
“Executing the difference is our DNA,” states Manav Sachdev, Founder & Creative Director, MSD. Branding excellence lies in showcasing the brand difference; thus, MSD is creating a new variety of visual branding to move out of cringes of the existing commonality. Being the pioneer in entailing brand imagery, Manav proceeds with two verticals in mind; first is to survey the market, and second is to research elements for concept building. This helps the team to come-up with relevant designs with strong illustrations that can bring a brand to life straight from imagination. Whereas, the visual immediacy in the design contours visual seduction among buyers, developing brand-faith via consumer affiliates.

In his 18-year long career as an avid illustrator, Manav also shared the working platform with Green Goose Design Studio in re-creating the brand language for Forest Essentials. The illustrations created by Manav were inspired by Mughal architecture and Indian miniature paintings to bring-out Indian aesthetics in the designs. Further, with a magic touch of Arjun Sawhney (Founder & Creative Director, GGD) & Anuranjan Pegu (Graphic Designer), the brand breathed life. As a result, the re-branded look for Forest Essentials won much acclaim post-launch and GGD was nominated under ‘Design for Artwork and Packaging by Kyoorius awards 2013’.

The success of any brand designs is measured by client satisfaction, post-launch. This in-turn creates a brand value where many clients who are impressed by its design works, often approach with proposals to create a similar look & feel for their brand as well. Manav concludes, “MSD is now looking to expand the team into an agency which will offer a complete journey to brands with offering additional services like social media marketing and visual design for stores”. Currently, MSD is working for leading brands as well helping start-ups in India as well globally.