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Sathish Sampath,Managing Partner

Sathish Sampath

Managing Partner

A company that goes along with the slogan of `Simplifying Thoughts' is a Chennai headquartered global business growth consultant called MediaMetrics. In 2009, when the standard web applications shifted towards dynamic forms, Html5/CSS3/rubber band framework/responsive websites, several western companies had their base development in India. When it came to marketing their products or services, they found a huge gap. Even the external and internal management were lacking trust. The basic differences in culture, ethics, and technology know-how had a little bit of a tussle. In spite of the startup consulting industry flourishing, and money flowing in the web sphere, several companies were shutting down their operations. Therefore, there was a dire need for a trustworthy partner who could understand their pain points and help internally structure the process/promotion and supply them with allied corporate handlers. This is when Sathish Sampath, Founder/Managing Partner, established Media (Creative Deliveries in every space) Metrics (Development and Analytics) in 2009 to offer soup-to-nuts branding and digital business consulting services to its clients. MediaMetrics foresee the upcoming trend and soon transformed itself to a stronger section by equipping with all departments and skillset that are needed to deliver results other than just typing reports and advice to the startups. From the seeding of an idea to concluding the targeted sales, the company performs 360-degree branding and business growth partnership support for all industries through its global linked partners across areas of expertise and business. It is India's leading growth partner who supports in broadcasting brand/business message through Strategic Brand Marketing and Global Business Partnership by standing along with you in peaks and valleys of your business life.

The bootstrapped company has raised the bar to a new level by doing a TEV/SEV analysis report for a company managed by the Royal Kingdom Administration Office. MediaMetrics did similar TEV/SEV reporting assist work for the Malaysian Government. It got the opportunity to do a branding strategy for the entire city of England for which they won Best Branding work of the year Award. From being nowhere, the company went on to Deliver Projects to three consecutive Olympics. Also, MediaMetrics completed its
consulting support to 11 projects in the M&A sphere. Today, the company is happily working with celebrities, business personalities, and art galleries to device their brand and brand messaging and evaluate their partnership models. The company is primarily catering to SMEs and startups. With a long history of providing distinguished results for its clientele, Sathish has been honoured with several leadership awards in the UK, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Currently, Sathish has been giving lectures in three colleges. He has conducted a some total of 138 lectures and is invited to be a Guest Speaker Techniques / Advertisement Promotion Strategy. "I'm deeply thankful to all the people and clients. We have cemented our position as a leading business consulting company in the Asian market. Our main achievement is if any startup in our prime zone wants to expand to the Asian market, they reach us. We are aggressively increasing our position in the U.S. market. We have lots of client enquiries, and already signed clients, it's only logical to seek organic growth in that market," says Sathish.

MediaMetrics performs 360-degree branding and business growth partnership support for all industries through its global linked partners across areas of expertise and business

As a consulting company, mentors and advisors are MediaMetrics assets. There are nearly 50 mentors/experts/advisors with whom Sathish meets and interacts regularly. Most times in MediaMetrics, its cost-effective services are rendered in different time zones. He strongly feels that for the success of the firm, he has to be hands-on in every client's portfolio and act as a relationship officer contact point to maintain the relationship and also to handle directly when there is an escalation. The company has always put its clients first. Hence, it remains as a personalized firm adding great success stories to its name. MediaMetrics started as a traditional firm, but in 2013, it adopted modern methods of relaxed working space, nomadic work routine, flexibility in everything amongst others. This moved to the next level where most of the experts are independent consultants working on other projects. It has also helped many staff to start their venture. The main challenge in startup consulting is the prevalence of inexperienced consultants. But the team tries to combine all the needed ingredients and spend huge timings to rewrite that to fit the existing culture and process of the client and hence give them the organic growth path. The team's efforts have a minimal to zero failure rate because they work along with the offline/online market intelligence and adapt every angle to meet its client's needs. MediaMetrics started an internal division for connecting all its global partners through its newly formed Global Business and Trade Catalyst Services.

MediaMetrics' services
MediaMetrics is happy to work with art galleries, celebrities, singers, business personalities to device their brand and brand messaging and evaluate their partnership models. As one of the most influential consultants in Asia, it is currently working on branding and brand partnership strategy assignments successfully with the trainer, bodybuilding professional/gym owner, artist, professional singer, female actor, model management companies, film director, lady squash player.

Proudest Moment ­ "When four of my employees turned businessmen joined together and gave me a surprise celebration with `Man with a Midas Touch' Award. For all of them, I was their first boss and remained the only boss as they run very successful businesses now. Honestly, I would like to be remembered as `Man with a Midas Touch' for business always, because this is the gift given by my student/pupil/employees, nothing can match this award. I treat this best compared to all my international awards. And I hope to be remembered always like this."