ND Commerce: Enabling Brands & Retailers Leverage the e-Commerce Boom

Mukund Malagi  Co-Founder & Director, Ajay Miglani Co-Founder & CEO  ,& Ranjit Pai Co-Founder & DirectorAs consumers move towards accepting eChannels and mChannels of conducting commerce, brands are undergoing a tough transitional phase which requires them to not just build a strong brand image but also manage the offline distribution network efficiently. Dealing with various challenges pertaining to online selling such as product, price, packaging and promotions, brands today face an uphill task. Working towards helping large and medium brands adopt online retailing (brand webstore retailing & marketplace retailing), omni channel retailing and cross border retailing is ND Commerce, a pioneer and market leader in brand online retailing.

The Mumbai headquartered firm has built a robust e-Commerce ecosystem with technology at the heart of its offering along with strong operations capability to manage eChannels along with a strong demand generation digital marketing expertise. Working closely with brands to create an e-Commerce framework and strategy, the company enables clients to leverage the e-Commerce boom, and not get lost in it.

Complex Challenges, Simple Solutions
As the e-Commerce industry explodes with opportunities galore, brands eager to get on the bandwagon have to first build a long term, sustainable, profitable e-Commerce strategy which covers multi channels of selling in order to create a direct to customer channel. To this effect, ND Commerce has built an end-to-end e-Commerce retailing portfolio which includes technology, catalogue & content creation and management, traffic generation, order processing, logistics & delivery, customer service and customer retention.

ND Commerce possesses expertise in building tailor-made solutions to deliver on complex supply chain solution, technology build out for UI/UX & good customer experiences

Undertaking a consultative approach, the firm conducts a 5P analysis which covers Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Packaging. “A vital part of the entire approach is the E-quotient of the organization as there needs to be a buy-in from all key functions of the organization to work towards a common eChannel vision right from the CEO down,” explains Mukund Malagi, Co-Founder & Director, ND Commerce.

The firm has so far worked with a wide and complex variety of businesses that require high levels of e-Commerce customization of the ecosystem. ND Commerce possesses expertise in building tailor-made solutions to deliver on complex supply chain solution, technology build out for UI/UX & good customer experiences. “Our
portfolio of brands includes all categories of business where we have registered 10x/20x/30x growth over three-five years,” adds Mukund.

Leveraging Technology
This new age company focuses on adopting to the new technology trends to stay relevant in the highly dynamic industry. ND Commerce has recently launched Omni Channel retailing for brands that want to provide a seamless online to offline integration to deliver consumers endless aisle of shopping experience, deliver higher sales per square foot and optimse inventory. Additionally, the firm is also working towards implementing technology solutions for content management, cross border linking, marketplace reconciliation and assisted commerce technology interventions such as online web chat, and video call centre.

The company is now working to introduce CRM for e-Commerce as an important aspect of driving eChannels. With cost of acquisition going up with each passing day and the quest for the brand to be relevant to the customer, ND Commerce is betting big on CRM to transcend mere engagement into transactions and also drive consumer behaviour.

The ambitious organization has been experiencing upwards of 60 percent YoY growth for the past four years. With additions of strategic brand partnerships, ND Commerce expects to retain similar growth rates going forward. Having added new solutions such as Omni Channel & Cross border retailing to its retailing portfolio, the e-Commerce expert is steadily moving towards further cementing its robust position in the industry.