nFaktor: Empowering Brands and No-brands by Creating Differentiators from Normal Scenarios

Neel Sinha,Founder & Principal Consultant

Neel Sinha

Founder & Principal Consultant

The rise of diverse channels of communication and the speed with which communications spread into the market has ushered us into an age where multi-billion dollar brands are being created in just a couple of years and sink in almost the same time or less. Tocreate & retain brand influence in such a world, one must delve deeper inside the organization, because a product, solution or a service is born out of a unique thought and culture. Bringing that out appropriately to create market success is nFaktor Solutions, a Business Advisory Company providing consultancy services in Sales, Marketing and Branding. The company takes pride in the strategies it leverages to understand and create differentiators from perfectly normal scenarios within its client organizations. nFaktor’s consulting services are primarily focussed on ‘Go To Market’ strategies and finding ways to leveraging various channels and media of marketing to influence direct sales.

This two years plus young company is more zealous, agile and open to new thoughts. “We think differently. While marketing is largely seen as influencing the market, we let the solutions (products or services) create a market of their own, from within. It is more like soul searching and then coming out with a market approach based on those values as against proposing a standard budget driven marketing program,” illustrates Neel Sinha, Founder & Principal Consultant. nFaktor stands for ‘grow by a factor of ‘n’, where ‘n’ is limited only by your vision’. Embodying this philosophy has empowered one of its retail customers to grow their footfalls by 150 percent, and helped B2B customers experience a significant growth in inflow of leads with astonishing ROIs. The passion, ownership and relentlessness to differentiate has helped nFaktor retain all it customers and close FY16-17 with an impressive revenue of Rs.2.25 crore.

Innovation in its DNA

The company is confident that it’s the way of engaging audience’s
human senses what ultimately gives an organization market success. Hence, with an innovative approach, the company creates distinction in everything, be it message creation, strategy execution or choosing a medium. “While innovation is often an 'on the fly' adaptation of alternatives and best practices, real innovation comes from research. We invest significant resources to muscle our knowledge-powered innovation in our consulting,” proclaims Neel.

An organisation's ability to innovatively engage customers with an integrated set of approaches ultimately drives market success

The bombardment of market messages on our senses has ensured that we make decisions more on our perceptions than on facts. Understanding this, nFaktor has made it a key pillar in its consulting approach. Depending upon client’s company, solution & market, nFaktor segregates a particular solution into to the need to inform the market, build or change a perception, re-excite the market and so on, and then work towards a custom solution based on the time and budgets available. A strong proponent of sustained communications, nFaktor utilizes diverse technologies namely Media Analytics (mostly web based), CRM tools and Mobile Apps to reach customers and measure the reach.

Happiness at Work

nFaktor has a flat team structure, where responsibilities are role-based & not designation-based and teams are driven by leaders & not bosses. “The sharing of responsibilities creates greater bonding and the contribution to success is visible and celebrated. We treat ourselves with the same respect and attitude that we treat our customers,” remarks Neel. The company dedicates a lot of resources and mind share in enabling its core employee motto – happiness at work. nFaktor will continue to selectively acquire businesses that excite its teams to deliver customer value with vigour and rigour. The company plans to restrain itself to acquiring limited but higher value talent and reach a team strength of 50 this fiscal year.

nFaktor foresees itself as an enabler in new market growth both in external market reach programs & internal sales and channel enablement programs. Already expanded its business beyond
shores, this financial year nFaktor will launch its first overseas presence to cater better to the South Asia and Australia markets. The company is also building tools and frameworks that align with evolving market dynamics to make execution faster, more efficient and measurable. This year could see nFaktor productize atleast one of them. “Our mission stands at ‘Let’s create the mindset of a distinct brand with every organization or an individual that we work with’. Because with brand comes pride and with pride comes the power to stand tall,” concludes Neel.

Key Management:

Neel Sinha, Founder & Principal Consultant

An IIM alumni, and an engineer, Neel has been a prolific sales professional leading multiple strategic wins for his organizations, thanks to his astute marketing mind and exposure to diverse markets, products and solutions. In his near 25 years of professional life behind him, he has travelled the world in sales and leadership roles. A manifestation of his passion for humor is ‘normanliker’ a cartoon strip he runs online

Offerings:Marketing Strategy, M&A, Planning & Channel strategies, sales enablement, partner enablement and new market reach within Indian shores and beyond.

Clients: A diverse set including Fortune companies in IT Infrastructure space, Start-ups in education domain, Internet Services, Real estate, high-end jewellery and fashion, Software Products, a company into poultry and food processing, a marquee association with an industry body in ESDM space, an IOT Company to talk about a few.

Case Studies: nFaktor helped re-position an Embedded Design Services Company into an IOT solutions company and a thought leader, which caught the eyes of IOT industry and an enterprising evangelist leading to a dramatic growth in a short time.

nFaktor works with a Fortune IT company in managing a content syndication program building prospects and influences them from the top of the funnel to decision.

nFaktor designed a comprehensive program for a digital connect with customers that ensure a steady flow of B2B leads across 15 months of its ongoing engagement.