Nijji Healthcare: Redefining Marketing and Sales for the Healthcare Industry

In the landscape of ever evolving Healthcare industry, continuous innovation, ethical marketing and operational practices are some of the major challenges. The key to success is SIMPLE, where SIMPLE stands for Strategic Excellence, Innovative Approach, Methodical Execution, Performance Orientation, Legitimacy and Excellence. That's exactly how Nijji Healthcare defines it's mission. Hence, with a brand-new decade on the horizon, it's time for the Health-care Industry, especially for promotion of Pharmaceutical products to adapt innovative, effective and ethical methods, to sustain and grow in this highly competitive and challenging terrain of Healthcare Industry.

Nijji Healthcare offers ethical, effective and innovative marketing and sales solutions with an edge of strategic excellence. The company is built on the shoulders of contract marketing & sales professionals who have been working in this field for the last two decades in various senior management positions and have practically created and implemented projects for most of the leading Pharmaceutical, OTC and FMHCG organization / products. Nijji Healthcare has been founded with an objective of providing better services to clients and better working environment to the employees. Moreover with more liberty and scope to innovate, Nijji Healthcare believes not only better quality services can be delivered but also many efficient models for medical promotion and advertising can be created at different stages of product life cycle. In fact, Nijji offers tailor made solutions for every stage of product life cycle. Mr. Saikat Mukhopadhyay, the Managing Director of Nijji Healthcare stated, "In Nijji Healthcare, we ensure real partnering and transparency of operation, quality employment and fast track career opportunities to deserving people, which eventually results in better project delivery and success".

Furthermore, Nijji Healthcare offers a comprehensive and synergistic service portfolio. All the service models offered are accountable in nature for either achieving the
sales numbers or to ensure achievement of project KPIs. Moreover ultimate transparency is ensured on the cost models and payables to field force, to ensure the hygiene factors, which probably was a missing link in outsourcing domain in many cases.

Saikat Mukhopadhyay,Managing Director

Apart from typical sales models, Nijji offers models on patient counseling, geographical expansions and award winning sustainable socio commercial projects. Nijji conducts multiple activities to increase the awareness levels, detection of different diseases while improving access to medicine in the rural Indian landscape. Through various market development activities like conducting nerve camp, general health checkup camps, anemia detection camps, diabetes camp, etc., the company drives to increase the awareness level of well being or wellness in the areas of intervention. Nijji conducts awareness campaigns in many rural schools as well. "All of the above market development activities we do, are free of cost to caregivers and thus enhance care-seeking behavior. We use medically and legally certified contents provided by our renowned client organizations", and always engage qualified HCPs to conduct such activities, added Saikat.

Nijji Healthcare offers ethical, effective and innovative marketing and sales solutions with an edge of strategic excellence

Nijji is able to provide such exceptional services because of its team members. The Nijji team has worked in this domain for decades, with a myriad of successful projects to its credit. Project exclusively conceptualized and managed by Nijji has won prestigious global award and its service quality is recognized by its renowned clients. To maintain the heights of success, Nijji has plans underway to introduce more innovative and integrated models and have initiated few complimenting business models including Digital Marketing, AI and ML to emerge as a one-stop service shoppe for pharmaceutical, FMCG and OTC industry.