Niteen Parulekar Architects: Blending Architecture With Perfection

Niteen Parulekar,Founder and Design Principal

Niteen Parulekar

Founder and Design Principal

A famous architect, G Clark of Clark and Menefee Architects once quoted about architecture and design, saying, “It is not only buildings that interest us: there is something of greater importance which, through them, we are trying to reach. It has to do with the joining of structure and land, and how this can, and should, result in a sureness of place that is all the stronger for the union.” While most architects fail to realize the essence of this statement, Niteen Parulekar, an architect by learning, graduated out of the JJ College of Architecture appreciated the logic and importance of this statement. Passion for creativity and the business related to the architectural industry was the driving force that encouraged Niteen Parulekar to create Niteen Parulekar Architects Pvt. Ltd., an independent firm, focused on Architecture and Interior Design.

Established in 1995, Niteen Parulekar Architects Private Limited (NPAPL)is celebrated globally for its unique way in which the firm enhances the richness of buildings by basing its design on observations and analysis of the way people live, work and relaxed. Started with a team of 12, NPAPL faced a lot of initial challenges in construction and design compatibility. However, the dedicated team at NPAPL studied many projects, methods of construction and innovative approaches which helped the firm develop its own methods of taking the best design approach that allows fast, easy and quality construction. Dedication allows oneself to overcome all hurdles and that was the key to success that led Niteen Parulekar
Architects set a niche in its segment.

“Our design practice at NPAPL is unique, wherein a young talented group of architects and designers work closely through the whole design process, giving the client the confidence of smooth project execution. We had already worked on large corporate and IT projects with total scope right from the word 'Go'. With successful initial projects that were experimental and new approaches sought towards design and implementation solutions, NPAPL was well on its way to completing spell-binding projects,” shares Niteen Parulekar, Founder and Design Principal, Niteen Parulekar Architects Private Limited (NPAPL).

Addressing your Architectural Objectives

Ever changing government bylaws, norms, client’s expectations, trends, international competitions and their standards have acted as stepping stones for NPAPL to overcome challenges and provide quality bespoke services. Keeping up with the inception objective, the well-trained team of NPAPL continuously works towards the transformation of conceptual perception into reality by following international design standards, ever-changing requirements by client’s and continues co-ordination on site have been some challenges addressed by the well trained team at NPAPL. Immense interaction with technology experts and also working with international architects has helped the firm to increase its body of knowledge in handling large projects seamlessly.

With its flamboyant, stylist and original work, over the years Niteen Parulekar Architects has specialized in the broad areas of Consulting, Design & Building and Project Management. The unique quality of NPAPL is very well reflected through its wide range of projects which have been carried out in the fields of IT, Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, Hospitality, Residential, FMCG and many more. Unlike any other architecture firms, at NPAPL, once the 3D views of a project have been finalized there is no difference in the design model
and the actual project. This has helped the company receive much recognition from end users including companies like KPMG, ICICI Prudential, SBI, Motilal Oswal, Reliance, Cadbury, McDonalds, Infosys, Bajaj Allianz, National Stock Exchange, Accenture, Wadhwa Developers, Lodha Developers, Jain Housing, Sharekh Anand Ajanta Pharma to name a few.

“NPAPL has a perfect blend of experienced and youthful talent to gratify the new requirements and latest architectural and interior design preferences. Strong customer relationship and two way trust have been the major factors for our success in past and shall be the same going forward,” confirms Niteen

From Success to Significance

Niteen Parulekar Architects has successfully delivered various iconic projects across last two decades and in the coming year the company is looking to develop various sectors specifically in Workplace and Institutional, along with serving Indian Corporates and MNC’s. The company has developed an in-house engineering team which is technologically advanced and will contribute by adding value to the firm’s core services. Spreading its wings abroad, NPAPL has plans to expand their business in Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore and eventually global markets. Today, NPAPL has strength of over 50 members and are looking to grow rapidly in the times to come.

“At NPAPL, working with some of the biggest corporate clients as well as international architects has taught us how important it is to accommodate client inputs at every stage. Open communication, trust and creativity coupled with innovation are some of the factors which have contributed to the growth of Niteen Parulekar Architects. The company has been through various business life cycles right from inception to growth and maturity, and currently it’s in a transformation phase living up to the vision for 2020,” concludes Niteen.