OnTrac: Bringing BPO Training to Your Office Cubicles

The Indian BPO industry, which handles a considerable chunk of global BPO services, has been witnessing great growth since the mid-90s. This industry has seen a multifold revenue growth in the recent decade.But the astounding statistics hide the actual problems faced by the BPO industry, i.e., many of the supervisors and managers in BPO organizations are not adequately trained in operation management and leadership, which costs the companies in the long run. To address this predicament, BPO companies are looking out for L&D providers who can train and certify their employees in various areas.

OnTrac is one such company that brings supervisory and managerial maturity to the industry through its efficient BPO online/offline training services and an exclusive certification program - 'OnTrac Star Certification', which enhances the delivery capabilities of team leaders in the areas of operations & people management. To ensure that companies see business results, OnTrac makes sure that classroom learning is translated into actual implementation at the workplace, thus giving an opportunity for managers to observe how effectively team leaders are using the knowledge gained in the program.With its expansive portfolio of offerings for BPOs, and with a talented team of experienced operations managers as its facilitators, OnTrac has time and again shown its quantitative performance, via visible business
results. It has successfully completing large and geographically spread assignments through its disciplined approach. This unique work methodology has helped the organization earn a matchless credibility. "We have been able to train thousands of participants across the globe without loss in learning through our strong governance methodologies," asserts Ravi Venkatesam, Founder & CEO, OnTrac, when talking about the uniqueness of the company.

Services Offered
Besides the flagship OnTrac Star Certification Program, the company also provides proprietary programs and simulations to improve performance and profitability of the organizations, and online governance tools to run initiatives for learners. The company has also developed its own gamification platform called Dri.VE, which helps learners apply their learnings at the workplace through fun and competitive games to boost business results. Gamification acts as a boon for learners as it provides respite from the extensive learning processs. It also gives rise to healthy competition among the learners and this benefits BPO companies company in a big way. Another area of expertise for OnTrac, is in the area of behavioural skill programs. "We are also known for our expertise in content creation, assessments, and integrating technology into learning initiatives by leveraging social media, mobile and other learning tools, into our client's programs," adds Ravi.
Ravi Venkatesam,Founder & CEO

Ravi Venkatesam

Founder & CEO

A Successful Assignment
OnTrac helped a large third-party BPO successfully improve its TLs' efficiency and reduce attrition in a short period of time. After an initial diagnostic study it was found that most TLs were not doing their tasks either due to lack of knowledge or due to lack of supervision. Within a few weeks, this problem was successful fixed via training programs and coaching initiatives. This in turn resulted in a reduction in attrition. And this is why OnTrac has over 100 clients in 8 countries.

OnTrac generates its revenue from two components i.e. (a) the Services it provides & (b) Licensing of its simulations, and Gamification platforms. Its services include conducting training programs, building customized simulations, digitizing learning games, developing content, creating assessments etc. With a workforce built through deep in-house training and giving its employees an opportunity to become 'self-driven', OnTrac has established itself as a name to reckon with in the BPO industry.