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Shahid Akhtar,Founder & Director

Shahid Akhtar

Founder & Director

The world’s population is still hastening up, but there is a different story on the flip side. The countries with low population density such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand are more than happy to welcome immigrants along with their families for a life long living, and proffer them with Permanent Resident status embedded with all the benefits that a countryman is subjected to, except the voting right which comes to them post completing four years of residency, when they apply for Citizenship. However, it takes difficult roads to reach beautiful destinations; so is to crack a PR (Permanent Resident) Visa to these countries which entails an auxiliary hand to solve the puzzle. Best known for providing personalized experience, transparency and end-to-end processing, Phoenix Global Resettlement Services Pvt. Ltd (Phoenix GRS) over the years has become one such trustworthy brand by delivering 6000+ visas within merely six years since inception.

Mitigating Clients’ Stress

With a tremendous knowledge base at the back-end and a client centric approach, Phoenix taps predominantly into three segments – Permanent Residency Visa, Student Visa, and Investor Visa (helping business men settle abroad permanently). Empowered by his 12 years of industry experience, Shahid Akhtar (Founder & Managing Director) established Phoenix GRS in Bangalore (currently having three offices in the city) in the year 2011.
Hardly having any rejection in terms of visa processing enabled Phoenix to spread like a wildfire with offices in Hyderabad (two offices), Chennai and Kolkata in shut-eye time.The company reaped clients’ trust in the same pace, and today it is lucidly visible across various blogs and websites in terms of testimonials and remarkable‘four and half star’ratings.

Decision to migrate to any country is the biggest decision clients can take in their life time, and it is not only an economic but also a very emotional decision

Decision to migrate to any country is the biggest decision clients can take in their life time, and it is not only an economic but also a very emotional decision. The clients repose tremendous faith on a consultant, and hence they need to be treated with lot of care and compassion. Unfortunately, most of the consultants do not live up to clients’ expectation after the fee is paid. The clients have to run from pillar to post to get the application moving. Even a single mail reply takes ages and this frustrates clients, who solely hire a consultant with an aim to save time. It has been a malady that most of the consultants doing back-end operations at one node and other branches acting like their sales outlets. This model doesn't actually work in immigration industry. Here, Phoenix is a real winner and has decentralized the operation works and there by provides a very unique customer centric and transparent approach. “Owing to this defined policy, we savor success rate close to 100 percent and have the highest customer satisfaction, which in turn help company get 35 percent of business through referrals. This is no mean achievement and be speaks lots of
the company,”adds Shahid.

En Route to Future

Today, being one of the reputed & leading immigration consultants in India, Phoenix owes thanks to its 70 highly trained and knowledge able strong workforce that emits quality & customer-centric service with out any attenuation. It's no rocket science that training in knowledge based industry entails a lot of deliberations and hard work. Hence, the company brings every new entrant to Bangalore headquarter to carry out very rigorous and comprehensive training sessions led by highly experienced professional trainers within the organization.“If you are not trained and knowledge able, clients turn against you. ‘Knowldege’ is the key to visa success, and that is why clients hire a consultant. Accounting to this facet, we have grown phenomenally in last six years. Going forward, we look forward to a pan India operations, ”concludes Shahid. The goal being well on the go, Phoenix has been already in search for office properties in Pune,Gurgaon, Mumbai and Delhi.

Key Management:
Shahid Akhtar, Founder & Managing Director

Having 17 years of experience in the Immigration industry, Shahid has travelled across the world extensively. Shahid studied Master of Business Administration in International Business and Affairs at the prestigious EU Business School, Geneva, Switzerland. He sees him self as an Immigration guide and believes that his role is to lead the aspirants through the immigration universe with its rules and processes that are as ever-changing as the river.

Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter and Two Branch offices) Hyderabad( Regional Office and One branch office) Chennai & Kolkata.